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HDMI Switcher

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An HDMI splitter is a device that helps duplicate a digital signal in audio or video and split it into different devices. It efficiently takes signals from one device source and distributes them to multiple displays.

Input and Output

The best HDMI splitters can convert multiple inputs to a single output or use a single input and share it into multiple outputs without losing video or audio quality and speed. It is used in places like bars and lounges, conference halls, etc. The inputs can come in

i:1X2 HDMI Splitter

It can be used on two different devices from one main source. It is easy to set up, durable, and small.

ii:1X4 HDMI Splitter

This type of splitter is used with one main input and four different outputs.

iii. 1X8 HDMI Splitter

This can be used with up to eight TVs or devices. The splitter really helps to reduce cost and also helps with managing space. The splitter is more useful in hotels, hospitals, schools, and training facilities.


This device is fast and stable with full HD transmissions. It is designed with superior corrosion-resistant materials that ensure a smooth and seamless transfer with no delays or loss of picture quality.


It is suitable with different devices such as computers, play stations, decorders, LCD TVs, projectors, Apple TV.

Long-distance Transmission

A long cable can transmit and reach up to 40FT for input and 50FT for output. This will not affect the video or audio quality. This splitter is made from aluminum material that is more durable and helps to reduce the temperature fast.


It is a small and portable device, requires little space, is easy to use, and can be traveled with. There is no need to get an external drive as it comes with its own USB cable.

HDCP Compliant

The best HDMI splitter is usually HDCP compliant (High bandwidth Digital content), so users will enjoy a seamless operation with the Splitter.

Easy to Use

Connecting the splitter is straightforward and rarely needs an additional tool for installation. The only thing you need to consider is an ideal location to place it before connecting it. Users can enjoy a smart manual operation switch using the key function.

To connect using an HDMI cable, connect the primary HDMI Output source to the main HDMI splitter's input port and click the HDMI splitter to the other television. You are all set once you plug in. If you need to reset your splitter, all you have to do is unplug the power adaptor from the DC jack and then plug it back in.

 The best HDMI splitter comes at an affordable price with the best after-sales support. You can conveniently share signals from one device to multiple devices now.