VGA Splitter

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If you are looking for professional switching equipment supporting 16 audio and video signal inputs and 4 to 8 audio and video signal output, then the VGA matrix switcher is ideal for you.

It is effectively used in classrooms, boardrooms, restaurants, and home theaters. It allows two computers to provide video input that can be displayed on four monitors and switch the video display to your preferred display.


You will enjoy maximum control and flexibility with the VGA matrix splitter. It provides a convenient push-button control that allows the VGA input signals to be switched for display on any VGA display. It ensures a centralized control of the VGA signal output destination by simply using a button.

Optimized Distribution

Another great feature of the VGA matrix switcher is that it allows optimized VGA distribution and signal management over a long-distance signal transmission. It also features an inbuilt video amplifier that boosts the signal, facilitating the installation of displays at a distance of up to 210ft away from the source device.

The distance it covers does not compromise the quality of the signal. The VGA matrix splitter offers high video bandwidth capability and provides high display resolutions.

Maximum Control

It is designed to provide optimum control without causing clutter or congestion. The VGA matrix splitter gives you control over multiple input and multiple screen display presentations when used as a stand-alone or mounted using the ear mounts.

Modern Design

Its compact and modern design is ideal for small offices and conference rooms.

The best part is its superb ability to broadcast multiple computer’s audio and video outputs to multiple displays.

It has a unique way of working with reduced bandwidth. You can enjoy memory, recall, and lock controls using the front panel. Users can also enjoy manual select input sources utilizing a button or the IR remote control.

Easy Installation

The installation and setup process is easy. You don’t need to install any drivers. Simply plug and enjoy. It’s not only easy to use, but it also works well and gives you great value for your money. With an inbuilt automatic equalization and amplification process that guarantees the best transmission without using video and audio quality.

Boosting, Splitting, and Switching VGA

You can maintain high resolution while operating over a long distance or between several displays. So, if you are looking for a great addition of VGA switching for your home or business place, then go for it. It supports up to 500MHz highest video amplifier bandwidth.

Product Packaging

The packaging is excellent and nicely done. If you buy this VGA matrix switcher, expect to receive the content in one piece. It includes a VGA 4X4 matrix switch, ear mounts for rack mounting, a bag of screws, a universal power adapter, and an installation manual.

The matrix VGA switcher is functional, convenient, easy to use with wide capability, and gives you maximum control. Seamlessly switching between Tv, desktop, games, etc., the VGA matrix switcher solves your multiple HDMI device issues.