Cable de audio óptico

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These audio cables are excellent for sound engineers who need a brand they can use in the long term. The consistency of the results obtained with the audio cable is impressive. It helps to save time and energy that may have been used to troubleshoot different audio transmitting problems.

The audio cable is designed to transmit both analog and digital audio signals, which is convenient. With this cable, there will be no need to carry bulky sound cables around because everything needed for audio management is done with one cable.

Audio cable with a protective PVC covering

The audio cable has been built to last for a very long time because of the outer protective covering. The PVC covering can withstand impact to prevent wear. It is an excellent cover that preserves the inner cable from extreme weather conditions.  

The PVC external layer is the best cover for the inner buffer tubing that improves the quality of audio signals transmitted through the cable. The performance of this cable will not be disrupted by heat energy. The PVC covering also presents an aesthetic appeal, which blends with an audio setting. The colors range from black, white, blue, or red.

Lightweight, flexible cable

The lightweight design for this cable makes handling very easy. The cable can be used for different audio setups without exhaustion because it is easy to carry around. The flexible PVC covering allows users to connect the cable to different sound equipment such as soundbars or speakers, even when positioned at awkward angles.

The PVC covering that shields the cables will not break even though bending or twisting the cable during use is necessary. The flexibility of the audio cable also makes it easy to store it in a toolbox or bag without worrying about any damage.

 Crisp audio output

Listening to audio signals transmitted through this cable is an amazing experience. It is the best audio cable for every sound engineer who wants to give their audience a remarkable listening experience. The high-quality cable inside is made from top-grade copper, which enhances the audio signals transmitted through the cable.

 The cable’s audio performance is enhanced by its capacity to transmit signals over different channels, and the connectors are gold plated. Also, the buffer tubing is another feature that improves the audio signals from sound systems connected with the cable.

Versatile use

The audio cable is excellent for different sound transmission tasks. It can be used with different models of soundbars, speakers, TVs, gaming systems, and public address systems, etc. The lightweight audio cable can be ordered in bulk. It is available in different lengths, from 6 foot, and above. Shorter lengths can also be ordered if needed.

The product guide that comes with the audio cable provides the best instructions to help users achieve optimal optic and digital output. The cable is packaged in waterproof bags and shipped out in secure cartons. The lead time for bulk orders is fast, and logistics tracking is also available for buyers in distant locations.