Adaptador USB-C

It is one of the best options for people who want to make their computer ports last longer. The ports are used so often, and that makes them prone to wear. The magnetic USB adapter helps to prevent removal and insertion many times during use. It also acts as a dust plug to keep the ports working effectively for many years.

The magnetic connector tip remains in the computer port while the cable can be attached and detached when necessary. It is an impressive invention that has made different processes easier for users. The price is also affordable. The product is available for bulk purchase orders. Since it is a lightweight magnetic USB adapter, shipping is fast and cost-effective.

Magnetic USB adapter with strong magnetic hold

There are no concerns about the connector detaching from the cable because the magnetic hold is strong. The computer or tablet can be moved around while the cable is attached without losing connection. The magnet's strength increases charging capacity, or file transfer, and many other processes.

The magnet is not heavy, so it does not tilt away when the adapter is connected to a port. Also, after use, it is easy to detach. With a normal pull, the adapter tip comes off the connector.

Fast charging and data transfer

The most common use of the cables with magnetic adapters is for charging smartphones and other electronic devices. The fast charging capacity of this device is impressive. It also supports data transfer from one device to another. Data transfer rate is also fast, which helps to increase productivity, and users can get things done quickly.

USB ports are safe

The magnetic USB adapter is specially designed to deliver a safe amount of power to the connected devices. This means it is almost impossible for the adapter to damage the USB ports on the computer. The USB adapter can deliver a maximum of 0.5A, which is safe for most computers.

When in use, the adapter does not heat up. The heat can destroy ports and the cable, so it is a good thing that this adapter does not generate too much heat. It is perfect for use in regions with high or low temperatures. Under normal room conditions, it works just fine.

Power rating

The power rating is indicated on the product packaging to guide new users who may not know much about that important feature. On average, the USB 3.0 ports deliver up to 0.9A. The two values are almost the same, which lowers the chances of ruining the computer ports or the connected electronic device.

 Beautiful design

The adapter connector, tips, and the head have an exquisite chrome finishing which is beautiful. The connector cables attached have different attractive colors. The chrome plated parts of the adapter are resistant to corrosion. However, it is best to keep these parts away from moisture intentionally.

Different tips are available to match the devices to be connected. The product is bundled with all the relevant accessories, and different cable lengths are available depending on the buyer's need.