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The DVI splitter is the video signal cable used to connect two monitors compatible with the DVI-D cable. The cable is essentially designed to split video signals received from a desktop PC or laptop. The video signals received are connected to the DVI splitter via the port on the computer.

Connecting two monitors compatible with DVI cables is cost effective. It is a better alternative than buying and using two separate cables to feed video signals to monitors. The DVI splitter remains one of the best means through which high resolution video signals can be viewed on different types of electronic monitors.

DVI splitter casing

The DVI splitter is securely encased in a metal protective cover. The casing can keep out dust or dirt from sensitive components. It provides a cover from hard objects as well and prevents electrocution. The metal casing for DVI splitters is well designed with ventilation spaces. This is how the device can be used for long hours without overheating and malfunctioning.

The metal casing adds to the device’s overall weight. There are models of DVI splitters that weigh as low as 480g. Other bigger models can weigh up to 2500g or more.

Resolution settings

The DVI splitter feeds dual monitors with a remarkably high resolution. The tests have shown that a resolution of up to 1600x1200 is possible with this device. The monitors with higher capacities can also display video signals with a refresh rate of up to 60Hz. The DVI splitter has the capacity to maintain a consistent refresh rate, which makes it reliable.

Video connectors

The device is fitted with two video connectors. These are the video input and output connectors designed to perform different functions. The common DVI splitter models available have only one input connector. While the number of output connectors varies, the number depends on the model in use.

The video connectors are commonly referred to as the DVI female. These are the essential parts used to split video signals.

Cable length on DVI splitters

The cable length makes it possible to use the device in a large room. It is ten meters. The cable length could be longer if it is extended intentionally. But the monitor and DVI splitter should not be too far apart, so a length of ten meters is adequate.

The cable is tough and durable; it lasts long while sustaining the transfer of video signals between the connected devices.

Power rating

The DVI splitter works efficiently with a standard power rating of 12V/ 1.25 Amps. Some models work with AC power, and the rating for these models is 100-240V maximum.

The DVI splitter is most suitable for use in data centers, customer service digital platforms, online support service providers, and other facilities that use monitors for the bulk of their activities. Individuals who need to use dual monitors with high-quality video streams can also have DVI splitters installed.

The device is shipped with a user manual which provides a guide for users who are not familiar with its features.