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Optical HDMI cables are great for connecting your devices. They are produced to transmit high-resolution audio and HD videos. The optical HDMI cable uses a new cutting-edge technology that converts signals into HDMI signals through the converters attached to both ends.

Modern Design

These cables are slim, attractive, and easy to install. They support up to 1000ft distance without any noticeable difference in the quality and image they produce. One of the best features is that there is no degradation of signals when transmitting over a long distance.


The optical HDMI cable is versatile. This newest entrance into the cable world is designed specifically to suit modern technology. You will also find a shorter HDMI connector which enables a connection between small devices such as mobiles, tablets, and display devices like a computer.

High-Speed Audio Visual Transmissions

With the optical HDMI cable, you enjoy great audio and visual transmission experience. It eliminates the anomalies surrounding audiovisual transmission in normal HDMI.

It allows you to enjoy movies on Netflix and other platforms as it supports encrypted videos. You can also enjoy high speeds and the best quality of 4k output with no signal delay. Presentations and meetings using projectors do not have to be awkward.

Gaming Experience

If you are a game lover, then you must get the optimal HDMI cable. You will enjoy a thrilling gaming experience without slowdowns using this device.

Leveraging photons to transmit signals allows a high-speed rate compared to the normal HDMI cables. Users can also enjoy smooth gameplay as these cables are superb for sharing ultra HD data.

Plug and Play

Another cool feature is that it does not need an additional external power supply or a time-consuming setup process before using it. Simply plug in and enjoy your movie, TV-show or game.

Low Power Consumption

If saving energy costs is a concern to you, this cable is your best choice. While providing superior quality output, it uses minimum energy to work (maximum of 250mw), making it the most eco-friendly option in the market today.

Light and Flexible

It is compact, lightweight, and flexible, preventing it from breaking easily. It can be bent or folded at 90 degrees angle without fear of causing any damage.

Mirror Mode and Extension Mode

This optical cable has a mirror mode that allows you to enjoy movies and games on HDTV or a projector. All you have to do is simply hook up your computer to the source to enjoy mirror mode. It comes with an extended mode which allows each display to enjoy more desktop room.

Cheaper Alternative

With high-quality output and a larger coverage area, the optic HDMI cable minimizes the cost of multiple conventional HDMIs to increase the coverage area.

If you want to transmit data over a distance of up to 20meters or beyond, you should consider getting the optical HDMI cable. Enjoy higher bandwidths, integral connectivity, better movie experience, and easy setup with the optical HDMI Cable.