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Câble USB-C

This is a universal USB-C magnetic charging cable. It can be used for smartphones, tablets, portable video game consoles, and sound systems. The fact is that this magnetic charging cable can be used to charge batteries of so many devices out there.

The charging cable is lightweight, and the magnetic micro tips do not increase the overall weight or size. This magnetic charging cable is suitable for busy people who need to keep their mobile devices powered on at all times.

The best part is that you can use this USB-C magnetic charging cable with devices that have different charging ports. For example, there are magnetic tips for devices with USB-C, micro-USB, Lightning ports, and much more. The charging cable supports a power output of 5V/3A, which is very impressive.

Dust resistant features

Dust can limit the functions of these magnetic charging cables. Thankfully, that can’t happen. The magnetic tips are the right size. A closer look at the device shows no overlapping when a tip is fixed on the charging surface. The magnetic tips fit securely over the charger, so there is no way dust can get in between. This is why dust cannot ruin the charging cable.

 High-quality magnet

The quality of the magnet used to design this USB-C charging cable is amazing. The magnet raises the assurance of getting full value for money. It is strong enough to hold the magnetic tips securely. This means these magnetic tips won't fall off and get missing.

Young kids won't be able to disconnect the charging cable easily. Also, the magnet won't be disconnected easily if anyone brushes past it in the office or at home. It is best to use charging cables with strong magnets that won't lose their features over time.

Data transfer speed

The magnetic USB-C charging cable can also be used to transfer data from one device to another. The speed of data transfer is impressive. This is possible because the magnetic charging cable features the best type of connectors found on these cables.

The connectors are shielded from corrosion, which means their functions cannot be limited. Also, the conductive materials used to make the connectors are high-grade, which helps to boost data transfer speed significantly. These features are also responsible for the fast charging capacity.

Heat resistant USB magnetic charging cable

The beautiful design of this magnetic charging cable is complimented by its rugged features. It is resistant to heat, which means this is the best USB magnetic charging cable for use outdoors. The cable will not generate heat, and its functions will remain unaffected by the increased temperature.

 Easy to use

The magnetic strength of this USB-C charging cable is outstanding. And that is why it is convenient to use it. While driving or working on the computer, it is easy to connect the charging surface to a magnetic tip because of the magnet. This saves time. It also works excellently even if you have a phone case on your smartphone.

This cable can be ordered in bulk. The packaging is secure, and magnetic tips shipped with the cable are identified on the packaging.