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Elevate your network connectivity with the Vention CAT.5E UTP Modular Jack, designed to ensure seamless and reliable data transmission for all your internet needs. This premium RJ45 Network Connector stands out with its advanced features, high-quality construction, and user-centric design, ensuring a stable and high-speed internet connection.

Key Features

Stable Signal

Enjoy high-speed internet surfing without interruptions. The Vention CAT.5E UTP Modular Jack ensures a stable signal that meets the demands of all your online activities, from browsing to streaming and gaming. Its high-speed capabilities facilitate smooth data transfer, which is crucial for both personal and professional use.

Gold-Plated Pins

The connector features gold-plated pins made from high-strength phosphor bronze. These pins are designed to resist oxidation and wear, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable connection. The high-quality gold plating enhances signal transmission, offering zero signal damage and maintaining the integrity of your data. With this connector, you can count on consistent performance and durability.

Environmental-friendly ABS Material

The shell of the Vention CAT.5E UTP Modular Jack is made from high-quality ABS material, which is both non-flammable and resistant to high temperatures. This environmental-friendly material is not only safe but also durable, providing impact resistance to withstand physical stresses. This ensures that the connector remains functional and reliable even in demanding environments.

Infinite Length Capability

One standout feature of this modular jack is its ability to connect two short network cables into one long cable. This is particularly useful in situations where the existing network cables are not long enough, providing an easy solution to extend the cable range without compromising on signal quality. It effectively solves the problem of insufficient cable length in homes, offices, or any networking setup.

Advanced Differential and Personalized Design

The Vention CAT.5E UTP Modular Jack boasts a design that incorporates foreign advanced circuit boards for better coordination and integrity. The advanced differential design, coupled with a closed insulation module design, adds convenience and comfort to its use. This thoughtful engineering ensures that the connector not only performs well but also integrates seamlessly into various setups.

Sturdy Buckle

The sturdy buckle of the modular jack ensures that the connector stays securely in place when inserted. This feature, along with the advanced differential design, makes the Vention CAT.5E modular jack both convenient and comfortable to use.

Product Parameters

  • Brand: Vention
  • Model: VDD-B07-B
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Environmental-friendly ABS, Gold-Plated Pins
  • Dimensions: 14*32*16 mm
  • Interface: RJ45 Female Port
  • Packaging: PE Bag
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Why Choose Vention CAT.5E UTP Modular Jack?

When it comes to networking solutions, the Vention CAT.5E UTP Modular Jack provides an unrivaled blend of performance, durability, and user convenience. Its robust construction with environmental-friendly materials, high-strength gold-plated pins, and advanced design features make it a reliable choice for extending network cables and ensuring stable, high-speed data transmission. Whether you need to connect devices over long distances or ensure consistent internet performance for demanding applications, the Vention CAT.5E UTP Modular Jack is the ideal solution. Invest in this modular jack and experience hassle-free connectivity with optimal performance.

Upgrade your network setup today with the Vention CAT.5E UTP Modular Jack and enjoy seamless, high-speed internet with zero signal damage.

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