Waterproof Phone Pouch Black


Size: Up to 5''
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Deep Waterproofing

30m anti-pressure cellphone pouch

4 layer sealing Protection

IPX8 level Waterproof

Clear and transparent TPU

Sensitive touch Easy unlock

Multiple Application Scenes

Comprehensively protect the phone from water bring the phone to any place with water

Waterproof to aDepth of 30 Meters

IPX8 waterproofing with TPU film for anti-pressureand explosion function

Quadruple Sealings

Upgraded four processes of layers for enhanced waterproof ability

Sensitive Touch And Control

High sensitive waterproof film smooth operation like no pouch

Clear Viewing Without Mist

TPU ultra transparent film with anti-fingerprint function to record the spectacular moment

Hidden Lanyard Design

Anti-breakge and hidden lanyard design with a soft cable for comfortable wearing

ChooseYour Right Size

Small size: Applicable to phones5"

Large size: Applicable to phones≤6.5"

Product Parameters

Brand: Vention

Name: Waterproof Phone Pouch


Color: Black

Materia: TPU+PU+Dacron

Apllicable Size: Small Type: ≤5"; Large Type: 6.5"

Cale Length: 108cm(Total length); 54cm(Hanging length)

Warranty: 1 Year

Packing: PE Bag

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