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Electronic devices that need to be synchronized together to perform different functions are connected with the networking cable. These cables make it possible for two or more electronic devices, computers, and monitors to share data, communicate with each other, or use internet connection from one source.

Reliable performance

The networking cable has been designed with some of the best features that also enhance its performance. The entire cable structure is cased in a solid PVC cover that provides adequate protection for the internal components of the cable. The PVC covering is the best choice because it prevents moisture and it is dust resistant. 

Also, the PVC cover has high impact resistance. The impact resistance is increased by the aluminum foil with durable braided features. The aluminum foil is directly beneath the PVC covering. It means if a heavy object falls on the networking cable, it can still be used to transfer data or for sharing internet connectivity.

HDPE insulation jackets

The copper conductors in the networking cable are properly insulated with the best HDPE insulation jackets. These are well-designed jackets made from the highest grade of HDPE. The insulation enhances the networking cable’s performance because it guarantees that the copper conductors do not come in contact with other conductors in the cable. The insulation jackets are also designed to have excellent heat resistance. This means the networking cable can be used for extensive projects over a long period.

Fast data transmission speed

The networking cable has the capacity to sustain data transfer at high speed. The tests indicate that the data transfer speed is up to 10 Gigabit per second. At such an impressive rating, the networking cable performs much better than other options in the market.

The high data transfer speed is suitable for computing processes such as streaming HD videos, cloud computing, sharing data files, data mining, etc.

It also supports a bandwidth of 600 MHz, which is impressive. The high bandwidth makes it possible to use the networking cable for computing processes such as downloading or uploading data files, images, high-resolution videos, and much more. These processes are done at high speed, which should depend on the quality of the internet connection.

Versatile use

The networking cable is ideal for different electronic devices and accessories. It is compatible with docking stations, hubs, routers, patch panels, routers, modems, etc.

The versatile use of these networking cables provides convenience to the users who perform multiple computing tasks for work or as a hobby. The features also make it possible to avoid clutter because the networking cable is a single strip connecting the devices needed. So, you can avoid using multiple connection cables that make the whole place look untidy.

Cable length

The networking cable is available in different length measurements. The options range from 1 meter to 100 meters, and much more. There are longer networking cables, which can be produced on demand.

The networking cable is available for bulk orders for all the length options you may need.