Many people pay more attention to smartphones, but not to their accessories, especially for its charging head and charging cable. I believe many people will have such an experience, cell phone charger or charging cable is broken, will easily buy a charging head, the price is cheap, but do you ever think this is not the original charger, will charge the battery? The most important thing is whether there is a security risk, for which many people may not have thought about it, many people think that such a matter far away from their own. Contact us to buy high quality charging cable, such as nexus 6p charging cable. In fact, there are many mobile phone charger fake, and some fairly conscience, materials are good, and some in order to obtain more benefits, like mobile power, the charger gives you a gorgeous appearance, make you feel very Luxury, workmanship and materials are very good, and finally led to such a situation, the charging head is burnt. Brought us a lot of security risks, many people will be charging in bed, if in such a situation, the consequences would be disastrous, the loss is big, and even bring hidden dangers to life and safety. Today's smart phones for a better user experience, extend battery life, battery capacity has improved a lot, but also increased the fast charge function, and some even flash function. Nexus 6p charging cable supports fast charging. For fast charge and flash charge, the charger must increase the voltage and current, if the charger quality is off, then there will be such a situation, the current is too large, the cell phone battery could not hold to increase the possibility of an explosion Such events are often heard. It can be seen that the mobile phone charger is absolutely not optional, which can have a great impact on battery life, and greatly shorten the battery life.