1. The difference of resolution 4K and 8K refer to the size of the resolution, and the size of the resolution represents the number of pixels that can be carried in the picture. The larger the resolution, the more pixels there are, the more details of the object that can be expressed, and the more fine and clear the picture is. 20211112164852 The difference between 4K and 8K pixel count is 3840*2160, which is equal to 8 million, and 8K pixel count is up to 7680*4320, which is equal to 30 million, or about 4 times that of 4K. The difference is obviously huge and can be felt by the naked eye. 20211112164857 This is only the difference in resolution, and many TV manufacturers in the development of 8K products also on the color gamut, color depth, screen refresh rate and other parameters to optimize the upgrade, so that the picture quality can be more comprehensive improvement. 20211112164901 2. Performance parameters This also indirectly shows that when we buy 8K TV remember not to focus only on the resolution, 8K screen is only one part of the TV viewing experience upgrade, the screen outside the picture quality parameters, picture quality processing technology, sound quality, intelligence are very important aspects. 20211112164909 In terms of color depth and color gamut, 8K has also achieved a greater level of progress. 8K provides for a color depth of 12bit, capable of displaying 68.48 billion colors, 64 times that of 4K. This enables 8K TV images to have increased resolution in a three-dimensional sense, with a smoother and more natural color gradient. 20211112164913 3. HDR image Not only that, but in terms of HDR technology, 8K TVs are also much improved compared to 4K TVs. HDR-enabled 4K TVs allow for clear dark details and highlight details. 8K TVs, on the other hand, use enhanced HDR, the second generation of High Dynamic Contrast Ratio technology, which greatly accentuates the contrast between light and dark details, and enhances the level of detail in the picture, so the picture of 8K TVs can feel a stronger sense of depth and realism. 20211112164916 20211112164919 8K technology has opened up a new era of television technology, and the picture has been qualitatively improved in terms of finesse. Although 8K TVs are not yet fully popular, many brands have already started mass production of 8K TVs. It is believed that in the near future, 8K TVs will definitely be popular in every household, leading everyone into a new audiovisual world.

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