8 Typical Questions of USB Type-C Converter
common-questions-of-usb-type-c-converter 1. About Type-C multi-function docking station 1> What are the advantages of Type-C multi-function docking station? Solve the problem of single laptop interface, expand the number of laptop interfaces. 2> Apple installed dual systems, is it stable when using docking stations? It is stable. 3> Is the docking station heavy? Light and compact, it is more convenient to carry whether on trips or vacations. 4> What are the advantages of aluminum alloy casing? Good heat dissipation, wear resistance, anti-corrosion, fingerprint prevention. 2. About usb type-c converter charging 1> Is the type-c power supply only used to charge the laptop? Yes, please bring your own type-c power line and charger. 2> Does the USB PD charging affect phone use? No, people can watching and gaming with the mobile phone while charging. 3> Does it heat when using for a long time? Due to the large number of integrated chips in the product, there may be slight heating when multiple interfaces are connected to the device at the same time, but it will not affect the normal use. 3. About the display device 1> Why the display resolution is not 4K? The actual display effect can only reach 4K if both computers and display devices support 4K. 2> How to fix display no sound after conneting type c to hdmi? If the connected display device (television) can make a sound, then set the audio as HDMI audio output; if the connected display device (display, projector)has no audio system, then use an audio cable to connect the speaker. 4. Will WIFI usage be affected? Will the wifi break when usb type-c converter connected? Yes, wifi stops working. 5. Does it need a driver? Plug and play without driver installation. 6. Why can't the speed of connecting usb flash disk/mobile hard disk reach 5Gbps? The theoretical speed of USB3.0 can reach 5Gbps, but the actual transmission speed is limited by computer terminal interface, system, usb disk/mobile hard disk interface, main control chip, storage medium and other factors, the difference may be large. 7. Can I use high capacity TF/SD card and mobile hard disk? TF/SD card with maximum 256G capacity, mobile hard disk with maximum 8T capacity. 8. What are the compatible devices and systems? Applicable to Apple MacBook, Huawei MateBook, Xiaomi laptop and Huawei Mate20, P20, Samsung S9, S10 series mobile phones. Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS.

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