8K Vertical Docking Station
The 8K Vertical Docking station is a new generation docking station for the 8K Ultra HD TV, and it's compatible with all models of LG UHDTVs, including the 8K OLED TVs. The 8K Vertical Docking stations are designed to be used in combination with the LG 8K UHDTVs as an alternative to the traditional HDMI 2.0 port on the back of the television.  It provides a full range of connectivity options such as USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C (5Gbps), DisplayPort 1.4, Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps, audio jack, power supply, and more. The 8K Vertical Dock also features a built-in IR blaster that allows you to control your connected devices using the remote control or voice assistant.

Why Vertical Docking Stations Sell Fast

One of the main reasons why these products will not become obsolete is the convenience they provide. You can do so many things with a vertical docking station, and the 8K version is even better.  The docking station comes with a card reader, which is still in use in many parts of the world, where people leverage external memory cards to store data. Also, the power delivery into and from these docking stations is consistent. This reduces the chances of experiencing a power surge that can ruin your electronic products. The docking units are well designed and portable, and the USB-C ports all work excellently, which is one of the reasons why users claim they continue using the docking device. Another addition that will make these products continue to sell fast is the addition of an ethernet port.  Many products out there feature this type of port, but they do not last. Over time, the port can become less effective, causing many problems. However, using the 8k vertical docking station guarantees that the ethernet port will last for a long time. The connectors in this docking unit have been made with the best materials, which are fortified against corrosion and other compromises, making them excellent for external monitors.

How to Use a Docking Station

The docking station essentially gives you more access to leverage your computer's power delivery and many other features. You can leverage the gigabit ethernet ports and other USB ports to connect multiple external display devices to your system. If you are interested in using network systems with dual displays, these docking units are a must-have to help you achieve those goals.  However, using a docking station from reputable brands is best to allow you to enjoy excellent transfer speeds to your external display units. Also, you can choose units with various ports like the USB-A port and USB-C ports. This allows you to connect different types of USB devices to the computing system, even if you plan to use a single display unit.  The first step to using the product is identifying all the gadgets and devices to be connected. When you have a complete list, you can decide which device cord goes into which port for a seamless operating experience. Once you have positioned the host devices, it is time to locate the connectors for the audio input and headphone jacks.  After connecting your devices to the ports on the docking unit, power your computer on. You should note that some of these models come with extra ports, providing more convenience. When the computer comes on, test the gadgets and external display units connected, as well as headphones and screens. You should set the maximum resolution according to your preference to have the best laptop screen viewing experience. 

Troubleshooting the Device

You may experience some issues when using the device for the first time if you do not have extensive knowledge about connecting it. Also, the gigabit ethernet connections may not be as expected. You can do several things to troubleshoot the device, so no worries.  You should check the port connections to ensure the adapters fit in tightly, as loose connectors can disrupt data transfer, causing problems. Also, it is best to ensure your dual displays are compatible with the signal source. You can find this information in the user manual for monitors.  If a port doesn't seem to be working, try another cord to ensure the one currently plugged is functioning. If the new cord works, then there is a problem with your previous cord, which you should replace. In situations when you hear static interruptions on your headphones, you should test another device to know if the problem is with the headphones or the audio system. You should also ensure your HD displays are correctly set and the card slot is not dirty. Dust in card slots can hinder effortless data transfer. We also advise you to keep all display monitors clean. Overall, this is an ultra station that allows you to operate different display monitors and get the best display output. You have a modern docking station that doubles as one of the best laptop docking stations and a transfer hub accommodating your USB-C docks, USB-C video adapter, and extra USB-C ports. 

Advantages of Using a Docking Station

Here are the top benefits of using this premium design docking unit for your computing needs:

Fast Data Transfer

The transfer rates with these devices are fantastic. You can witness a file transfer in milliseconds, and the host laptop will not be overworked. They are compatible with external monitors that have maximum screen sizes, offering more convenience, and the refresh rate is excellent.

Portable Unit

You have a portable solution with these units because they require minimal desk space. The compact dock accommodates all connected laptops, and you can connect peripheral devices to a single monitor or dual monitors.

Impressive Hub Review

Many users like this portable dock. They have an excellent USB-C hub and compatibility with different USB-C devices and a USB-C cable. The compact design is also impressive, and it boosts laptop charging and USB performance. The video and audio port connectors are fantastic, and the VGA port position is perfect.  Overall, it is the perfect dock with the pluggable thunderbolt and compatibility with USB-C laptops, wireless devices, and mobile devices. 

Order in Bulk

Suppose you want to invest in these bestselling docking units and order bulk. Send us a customer contact form with your order details, and we will respond quickly to complete your bulk order.   

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