Cell phone fast charging depends on the data cable or charging head
Charger is generally 5V1A can be charged normally, when the output is 5V2A or more are considered fast charging QC1.0, super fast charging support 5V3A, 9V2A, 12V1.5A or 5V4A power. Cell phone fast charging depends on the data cable or charging head The copper core inside the data line must support high current, which is the same as the difference between high-voltage wire and ordinary household wire, fast charging line can be used with ordinary chargers, but also with fast charging high current chargers. On the contrary, you use the fast charging head, take the ordinary line, because the transmission current does not meet the requirements, the charging head will automatically convert into a low-power charger. Cell phone fast charging The phone wants to achieve fast charging, the cable and charging head need to be adapted, in addition to the need for the correct fast charging protocol, the three are complementary relationship, one cannot be without the other. fast charging If you use a high power charging head, but the cable does not meet the fast charging standard, or the charging head and cable fast charging protocol does not match, it is impossible to achieve fast charging standards. Cell phone fast charging depends on the data cable or charging But fast charging also depends on the charging head and cable, if your charging head supports 5V/2A, the maximum current of the cable only supports 2A. so even if your phone is to support 5V/3A fast charging protocol, the use of the above-mentioned charging head is still unable to fast charge the phone. Fast charging protocol, there is a high current OPPO VOOC / OnePlus DASH and Huawei Super Charge Protocol (SCP), there are increased voltage Qualcomm Quick Charge, MediaTek Pump Express Plus and USBPower Delivery. Cell phone fast charging So, fast charging depends not only on the charging head and cable, but also on the phone. The three are perfectly matched to achieve fast charging. Here we have to mention our Wixun fast charging cable! Safety and security, practical goodies, real fast charging!