Differences Between HDMI Switcher and HDMI Splitter

Differences of HDMI switcher and HDMI splitter

Whether you notice that the computer, PS4, set-top boxes must share the television's high-definition interface, plugging the device back and forth can wear interface. Frequent plug-in will not only affect the life of the TV interface, but even will burn a few thousand dollars of equipment. HDMI switcher is made to achieve the switching of multiple input devices, it generally has more than three inputs and one output. 5 in 1 out hdmi switcher HDMI splitter and HDMI switcher are looked very similar, but they are completely different in the use. The HDMI splitter can be seen as a multi-port switcher similar to the distribution of equipment. It can be all the way to the distribution of HDMI signals into multiple signals, the output of these signals with consistency, synchronization. Take an example, we see in the television store, multiple TVs display the same screen just through the HDMI distributor. More to the point: HDMI splitter solves the need to send content from one source to multiple TVs and big screens. hdmi input splitter

How to use the HDMI switcher?

The specific approach is to notebook, set-top box, PS4 and other devices plugged into the input port, the LCD TV, projectors and other equipment plugged into the output port, press the toggle button can convert the output signal.

Problems to be aware of when using HDMI switchers

1, HDMI input and output ports can not be used in reverse; 2, pay attention to the interface plugged in and then boot. Hot plugging may burn the device; 3, use high-power equipment, please plug in the power supply line (such as PS4), so as to avoid the impact of voltage shortage.