Converting HDMI Output to DisplayPort Input
HDMI and DisplayPort are two common video interfaces used to connect devices like computers, TVs, and monitors. DisplayPort has become more popular in recent years, so you may need to convert an HDMI output to a DisplayPort input. Here are the key things to know:

Passive vs Active Adapters

  • Passive adapters only work from DisplayPort output to HDMI input. They cannot convert HDMI to DisplayPort.
  • Active adapters contain extra circuitry to perform bidirectional conversion between HDMI and DisplayPort. Active adapters are required to go from HDMI output to DisplayPort input.

Options for Conversion

  • HDMI to DisplayPort adapter - An active adapter that converts HDMI source to DisplayPort output. Ranges from $50 - $100+.
  • USB-C to DisplayPort cable - If your laptop has USB-C video output, you can connect directly to a DisplayPort monitor using a USB-C to DP cable. No adapter needed.
  • HDMI switch/splitter - A device that splits the HDMI signal into multiple outputs, including DisplayPort. Lets you connect HDMI source to DisplayPort monitor or TV.

Why Passive Adapters Don't Work

Passive HDMI to DisplayPort adapters don't work for HDMI output because:
  • HDMI ports don't contain the full wiring needed to directly drive DisplayPort input.
  • Active conversion chips are required to process and convert the HDMI signal to DisplayPort.
So in summary, to convert an HDMI output to a DisplayPort input, you need an active adapter or converter. Passive adapters will not work. USB-C video output can sometimes avoid the need for conversion altogether.

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