How to Choose a Data Cable?
For the purchase of cell phone data cable thing, most people's views are generally limited to "can plug on the line" and "the original best" these two points. Although the phone data cable is just a thin line, want to buy the right is not a simple matter. Today, I'll share with you to buy data cables need to pay attention to which points. Now the e-commerce platform has rarely been able to see the appearance of counterfeit data line products, as long as the choice of brand merchants in large e-commerce platform for purchase is difficult to buy inferior products, of course, or not recommended to buy online unknown sellers or offline "roadside stalls" sales of "three no products ". Although the data line products purchased in the formal channels in the quality of the general no big deal, but not necessarily to buy the data line needed. This is because many of the data line products are now hidden or confuse the product specific parameters of the problem, the following I will first give you a list of the data line is easy to meet when buying several "pit". Fast charging line can not be fast charging Although it is a fast charging cable,the charging has not become fast, is the problem that we all encounter when buying Android data cable. With the rapid development of fast-charging technology for Android phones now, the fast-charging standards are not uniform, and many fast-charging protocols that exceed 20W charging speed require special data cables and chargers to be used in conjunction to achieve the desired effect. Buy a data cable at will, naturally can not support the phone's super fast charging function. And there is also the problem that the fast charging cable can only fast charge, not transfer data. Slow transmission speed of USB-C data cable Although people are now using less and less wired ways to transfer data for cell phones, wired transmission still has a strong practical value. However, many friends will find that the data transfer speed when using the data cable they purchased is very slow, because the cable is likely to use the USB 2.0 standard in data transfer. Now many data cable products, only support the fast charging function, for data transfer function is likely to support only the USB 2.0 standard, or even simply does not support data transfer. USB 2.0 standard data cables USB-C cable cannot charge high power devices Although the USB-C interface has achieved the unification of the interface between various devices, there are still many compatibility problems because of the different built-in standards and protocols. For example, many new laptops are now using the USB-C interface for power supply, but many friends will find that, in addition to the original USB-C cable, many of their own USB-C cable purchased do not support charging the laptop. This is because most USB-C cables on the market now, and does not support high-power power supply reason. USB-C data cable with up to 100W charging support Apple data cable can not transfer data, charging will have a pop-up window warning Since the original Apple data cable is not only expensive, but also easily damaged, many people will choose to buy an Apple data cable themselves. However, you will often find that the cable you buy not only can not transfer data, but also when charging the iPhone will appear a pop-up warning. This situation is basically because the data cable used does not carry the Apple certification chip. Apple data cable does not support 18W fast charging Now the new iPhone has supported 18W fast charging standard, but many friends found their new iPhone in the charging and can not be fast charging at 18W speed. At present, in addition to the new iPhone 11 Pro series, other Apple models are currently standard "5V1A" charging kit, naturally does not support 18W fast charging, and most of the A-port Apple cable on the market also does not support 18W fast charging standard. Through the problems listed above, we can find that buying a data cable is not as simple as buying a line corresponding to the interface. So how do we properly buy a suitable data cable? How to choose Apple data cables? We first talk about how to choose Apple phone data cables, currently on the market Apple data cable from the interface up to distinguish between the main two: USB-C to Lightning and USB-A to Lightning. here we recommend that you buy USB-C to Lightning data cable and with USB-C charging head. 18W Apple charging head USB-C to Lightning Data Cable Because the popularity of USB-C interface is the future trend, more and more devices will use USB-C interface; of course, if you want to reuse the previous charging head, or need to be equipped with a USB-A interface for data transfer with the computer, you still need to buy a USB-A to Lightning cable. After talking about the interface, let's talk about the Apple data cable certification. In order to ensure a unified user experience, Apple has added a certification chip to the cable, and the cable that does not carry the certification chip will have pop-up warnings and data transfer problems. In addition to Apple's own original data cable, the Apple MFi certified data cable will also carry this chip. MFi Certification Therefore, friends with sufficient budget can naturally choose to buy the original data line, and friends with less money should not feel worried, MFi certified Apple data line is not expensive, through the MFi certification of the basic model data line only cost more than 30 yuan. The point to emphasize here is that Apple phones now have two fast charging standards, a 2.4A ordinary fast charging protocol, a PD fast charging protocol of 18W. Similarly, the MFi-certified cable currently exists in two terminal heads C48 and C94, of which C94 is the latest support for 18W fast charging terminal head, you should pay attention to choose to use the C94 data cable when shopping. How to buy Android data cable? Here we go again, how to buy Android phones using the data cable. At present, Android phones use the interface mainly for Micro USB and USB-C, according to the data cable interface distinction can be divided into USB-A to Micro USB, USB-A to USB-C, USB-C to USB-C . Android data cable needs to pay attention to the charging protocol and data transmission when, the current Android common fast charging protocols are PD, Qualcomm QC 2.0, Qualcomm QC 3.0, AFC, Huawei FCP, Huawei SCP, VOOC and so on The specific categories are as follows. High-voltage fast charging: QC3.0 (9V-2A), QC4.0 (9V-2A), USB PD (9V-2A/9V-3A), FCP (9V-2A) (Huawei fast charging), PE (15W) (MediaTek), Huawei 40W SCP. Low voltage fast charging: VOOC/DASH, Huawei SCP (5V-4.5A) (super fast charging) Therefore, we should choose the data cable in addition to the corresponding interface, but also pay attention to whether the data cable supports the phone's fast charging protocol, and of course, use the matching charging head, or you can not achieve the best fast charging effect. Unlike the unified standard Apple certified data cable, Android data cable exists to support super fast charging while not supporting high-speed data transfer, or even data transfer, which you should pay extra attention to when buying and selling. Most of the current USB-A to USB-C cables under $50 use the USB-C interface and support high current fast charging above 3A, but the data transfer is USB 2.0 standard. If you need high-speed data transfer function users, be sure to pay attention to choose to support USB 3.0 or higher standard data cable. USB 3.1 standard data cable products To sum up, please be sure to choose the MFi certified Apple data cable products, which uses the C94 terminal head is a version of the cable to support 18W fast charging. Android data cable must pay attention to whether to support the required fast charging protocol for cell phones, and according to their needs to choose a data cable to support the data transfer function.

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