In our daily game and film usage, with the high-speed development of GPU hardware and filming technology, The PS5 and Xbox Series X, which has been released in 2020, can currently output 4K/120Hz graphics, while Nvidia's recently RTX 3090 graphics card can output 8K graphics. This trend has put old series of the cable into an unfavourable situation. For instance, A display with 2K resolution and refresh rate of 165Hz can only display images with 2K resolution and 75Hz refresh rate under sRGB colour space when connected with HDMI1.4 interface. Only DP1.4 and HDMI 2.1 have the ability to fulfil such level of image output. 8K UHD Resolution Hence, here we provide some tips for choosing DP cable to cater to one’s game or film need. 1.To begin with, There are two types of DP connector. The standard DP connector is about the size of a USB connector, and this type is typically used for PC displays which support DP interface. The smaller mini DP connector is mainly designed for laptops which also includes Apple products. This could include Thunderbolt, which is widely used in Apple products. You can connect any DP display to a Thunderbolt source using a standard DP cable. As a result, the first and foremost thing is to check the DP interface type of your devices. There is no possibility of connecting your computer with your display while you fail to choose the correct type of DP interfaces. Mini DP to DP Cable 2.Secondly, except for the interface type, length and material of the cable should also be taken into consideration. The long cable could extend the transmission distance. However, excessive length of cable could lead to the loss of fidelity in the signal. Thus, we should previously measure the distance between two devices so as to avoid any unnecessary waste. What is more, several DP seller may recommend you with expensive DP cable, claiming that it will improve the quality of transmission data. As a matter of fact, expensive DP lines may not provide you with better picture quality. Unlike the former generation of video interfaces, you can't get "better" pictures or other incremental improvements with more expensive cables considering DP implementing packetized data transmission which is also applied in USB and PCI express. Certainly, poor quality cables can cause data errors and significant damage to video or audio. Thus, to ensure the material of DP lines meeting users’ daily working environment is another important factor for us to choose the DP cable. Details

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