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How to Choose an HDMI Cable(Part II)

Process of HDMI cable

The inner conductor of the HDMI cable is very important. At present, the best is the copper conductor. The transmission capacity and quality of the copper conductor are very good, which can prevent the signal from being interfered. At the same time, the signal will not be lost too much during transmission. There is also an inner conductor made of alloy and iron, of course, this is relatively poor. If you want to really distinguish this, you can only take it apart, but few people will buy a cable to take it down, so I will introduce a simple method to you. You can bend the HDMI cable and bend it several times. If it is flexible, it is a copper conductor, if it is hard, it is an inner conductor of alloy and iron, but be careful not to bend too much, the inner conductor of alloy and iron is easy to break. Of course, the inner conductor of the current HDMI cable has also developed to some extent, and some of them directly use optical fiber as the inner conductor. The benefits of using optical fiber will not be mentioned here. Today's broadband is basically optical fiber, so everyone should understand it. Of course, the HDMI cable of the optical fiber conductor is very expensive. If it is not bad, it is recommended to use the HDMI cable with optical fiber conductor. if you need a longer HDMI cable, you should also choose the fiber conductor, ordinary users generally choose copper conductor.

Certification of HDMI cable

The HDMI cable has a standard, so if there is a certification mark, there will generally be no problems in quality. There are currently two certifications, one is HDMI certification and the other is Sinplay certification, as long as there is only one of these two certifications. Of course, it is best if both certifications are available.

In conclusion

The production cost of the HDMI cable is relatively high, so normally the more expensive the better, but the premise is that the quality is passable, how to choose an HDMI cable, I believe that everyone is clear after reading the above content, first of all, the version is suitable, and the second is for you the use environment, and then the brand and quality of the cable must be guaranteed. If the above conditions are met, it is a good HDMI cable.