How to Choose the Best Game Graphics Settings


Usually, the higher the resolution of an image, the more pixels it contains and the clearer the image is. The resolution has a very big impact on the quality of the game screen. Generally speaking, you just need to make sure that the resolution is the same as the maximum resolution of your monitor. Resolution

Ambient Occlusion

Ambient Occlusion(AO) is an important part of the game image. Because of the blocking effect around the object, the ambient light can only partially hit the object, forming this kind of screen effect. Ambient Occlusion AO effects intuitively give us players the feeling mainly in the brightness of the screen, the screen without AO effects is a little brighter; and after opening AO effects, the local details of the screen, especially the dark shadows will be more obvious. Anisotropic Filtering X2 X4 X8 X16


We know that the screen is composed of countless points, then the lines are also composed of countless points, then the curve will inevitably appear pixel protrusion phenomenon, the role of anti-aliasing is to eliminate the jaggedness of the edge of the screen. There are many kinds of anti-aliasing such as MFAA, FXAA, TAA, MSAA they all work differently, so for the performance requirements are also different. anti-aliasing

Metal, Anisotropic

The objects in the game are composed of Metal+Anisotropic, the Metal is the virtual state of an object, is the skeleton of the item, the Anisotropic is to put a colorful painting on his surface, so that the item you can see. AO effects Anisotropic and so is the surface of the color of the "skin", the quality of the Anisotropic is the quality of this layer of "skin". The Anisotropic itself does not consume the core performance of the graphics card, the main consumption is the video memory, better mapping does not reduce the frame rate, but you may take a little longer to read the game, so if your video memory is large enough, then it is recommended to turn the Anisotropic to the maximum. the graphics card

Anisotropic Filtering X2 X4 X8 X16

Anisotropic Filtering is used to filter and deal with texture errors when a change in perspective causes the surface of a 3D object to tilt. The traditional bilinear and trilinear filtering techniques refer to isotropy, where the vector values are the same in all directions, like a square and a cube. This option is not very demanding for the graphics card, but it has obvious effects, so it is recommended to turn it on directly to the maximum. Metal,Anisotropic

Depth of Field

Our human eye is clear when we look at something near, the near item is clear, the far scene is blurred, we look at something far away when the far scene is clear, the near scene is blurred, this phenomenon is because your eyes have focus function, the depth of field in the game is used to simulate this phenomenon. Turn on the depth of field because it will make the screen blurred, in some screen can reduce the burden on the graphics card. Players can open it according to their needs. Depth of Field Visit Our International Store

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