How to Make a Network Cable
Network cable is an essential product when we are intended to decorated our new home or arrange the cabling in various circumstances.Comparing to home cabling which only demanded a short distance network cable that most of us are more inclined to buy a ready-made network cable with RJ45 plug, other occasions such as engineer cabling or office cable require a network cable that exceed the normal distance patch cable in the market. When you are placed under this situation, it will be really helpful if you can handle the RJ45 plug installation by yourself. Cat.6 UTP Lan Cable 305m Before the installation, you are advised to purchase a network cable crimping tool. Most of the crimping tool on the market are now 3-in-1 function, which means that it can realized all the three function: stripping, cutting and crimping in one tool. Multi-function Cable Crimping Tool In short, we can divide the installation process into five steps. First of all, it’s about stripping the jacket(insulation layer) of the patch cable. In order to avoid any damage to the internal wire, the operator are suggested to use the crimping tool to cut a light circle first, then slightly rotate the crimping tool to peel off the jacket from the cable and expose the internal wire core. Stripping Step two is about arrange the correct sequence of the internal wire which we could inspect 8 different type of metal cables after the stripping. They are made in different colors and color combinations for distinctive recognition: orange, orange+white, green, green+white, blue, blue+white, brown and brown+white. When we refers to the wire sequence, we should know that there exists two ways of cable sequences represented as T568A and T568B. They are understand as the through line/Cross line, The former one is designed same similar devices connection such as PC to PC, whereas the latter one is aimed to use in different devices connection such as PC to concentrator. We usually choose the later type of T5688 considering current devices is built to automatically identify the sequence of wire core. Step three tends to cut the wire core for the purpose of consistent length. When network cable is in accordance with the T568B line sequence, ,use the crimping tool in the neatest section of the cut. In addition from the firm and beautiful considerations, cut open the inner layer from the insulation jacket at 1.2 cm which is the correct distance that a RJ45 plug could precisely press on the insulation jacket. Cutting Step four, go through the negative side of RJ45 plug(the back side of the little clip) with the right sequence patch cable, place the eight wire cores to touch the gold contact part of RJ45. How to Make a Network Cable Step five, put RJ45 plug into the 8P slot of network crimping tool, press hard to hear a crisp sound. Crimping The above five steps are the right method to make a qualified crystal head. Vention recommended you to implement a crystal head tester to test whether 8 cores are all in normal use before plugging the finished patch cable to your devices.

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