How to Use an Ethernet to USB-C Adapter?
Ethernet to usb c adapter is mainly used in some of the devices without network interface signal conversion. With miniaturization and simplification of devices, some devices are equipped with only a standard USB interface, while others such as a network port, a serial port, a parallel port, or a VGA port are not equipped. If you need to use these interfaces, you can buy an Ethernet to usb c adapter into a network port, serial port and so on. Ethernet to usb c Ethernet to usb c adapter specific installation method. Insert this adapter into the USB interface of the device, and then install the driver. After the installation, the converter will be found from the device. At this time, the Ethernet to usb c can be set up with ip address, mask, dns, etc. to enable the device to access the Internet normally. Ethernet to usb c Cables All laptops with USB-C ports are connected to a wired network. Such as Apple MacBook, to provide you with high-speed and stable Internet experience. Aluminum housing design minimizes electromagnetic interference, complies with the latest USB-C standards, and is compatible with the Thunderbolt 3 interface. Embedded connection / transmission LED indicator, ready to view the network status. Even more surprising is that the USB-C to Ethernet cable provides an additional USB port that lets you charge your phone or connect to other USB devices at the same time.