How to Use Thunderbolt Displayport to HDMI Adapter?
Thunderbolt displayport to HDMI adapter is very easy to use, it is plug and play, and hot swappable. According to the interface of the display terminal, select the relevant data line and connect it. I use the MacBook Air to connect the DVI connector of the DELL renderer as an example to show you how to use this product. thunderbolt displayport to hdmi First, connect the thunderbolt displayport to HDMI adapter to the MacBook Air, and then use a DVI cable to connect the converter to the DVI port of the monitor. Switch the monitor signal to the DVI input source to end the connection. At this point, the monitor has an existing screen, and the Mini DP interface has a suitable output voltage, so there is no need to worry about insufficient conversion voltage. We can set the display mode as needed. Open the system settings on the MacBook Air and select the Monitor menu to set the expansion mode and display mode. The default is expansion mode. The expansion mode is that the external monitor and the MacBook perform different tasks and display different screens, as shown in the following figure. Extended mode is a common method in our work. For example, when displaying PPT to customers, we only want customers to see the product and do not want other important files to be displayed. Extended mode is the best choice. First open the file that needs to be displayed on the MacBook, then use the mouse to drag the file to the right side of the MacBook. At this time, the file can be displayed on the extended display.