Infinix Zero X: Supports 160W Quick Charge, 10 Minutes Full
Currently, all cell phone manufacturers are upgrading their cell phone products in many way which includes a larger and larger screen size and ratio, a fast network transmission speed such as 5G and the large area coverage of the screen high refresh rate. The upgrading of mobile phone charging capability has also under the spotlight of various manufacturers and users. 1 It is for this reason that a lot of brands have announced their own charging technology breakthroughs recently.It is reported that the common fast charging models on the market can support up to 120W fast charging, which enables it to fully charge users’ phone within 20 minutes. It’s said that OPPO is carrying out tests of 125W charging head. Meanwhile, in terms of wired charging technology, Xiaomi has also managed to break through to 200W, shortening the phone charging time to 8 minutes; in terms of wireless charging, Xiaomi has also come to the 120W. 3 In addition to the above familiar brands, Infinix, the pure smartphone brand of King of Africa, has officially released the Infinix 2021 concept phone recently, also known as Infinix Zero X. It is the same phone that was earlier reported to be equipped with 160W wired fast charging, and also equipped with a dual color-changing electrochromic back cover. 4 In terms of fast charging, it is said that the phone is not only equipped with 160W wired charging, which is officially advertised as being able to charge a phone equipped with a 4000mAh battery to 100% in 10 minutes, but also supports 50W wireless charging. 5 Other configurations are more conventional: 6.67-inch OLED upper left corner single scoop curved screen, screen fingerprint, front 32MP, rear triple camera 64MP+8MP 5X periscope telephoto+8MP ultra wide angle lens, 8+128GB, Android 11, etc. 6 As for the electrochromic back cover, it's probably reminiscent of the limited edition co-branded by Joshua Vides from the Op+po Reno5 Pro+. The Oppo was also the first production phone to have an electrochromic back cover, and official demos showed that tapping the back of the phone in twice would switch between blue and purple, just like the new Infinix phone. 7 However, since the new Infinix is a concept machine, it is not clear whether it will be mass-produced. Personally, the shape and appearance of this model are quite exquisite.

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