Magnetic phone holder is harmful to the phone?
Driving on the road, a good quality, beautiful phone holder for car will bring you a pleasant driving experience. Mobile phone holder is not harmful to mobile phones, there are three types of mobile phone holder in the market, sucker type, strong glue type and magnetic type. Magnetic phone holder is harmful to the phone? Suction cup is sucked through the plastic suction cup to the car interior or glass, and then through the suction cup pressure switch to be fixed. This is also the mobile phone holder I have used, the shortcomings are obvious, a space-consuming, not beautiful; the second is the adsorption surface to be flat, otherwise easy to fall off, there is another point is due to the weight of mobile phones and mobile phone bracket, a long time is also easy Off. Strong plastic and sucker similar, but the fixed place switch to 3M double-sided adhesive, the disadvantage is the same. Magnetic mobile phone holder through the metal turn beads deliberately 360 degree rotation, horizontal mobile phone or mobile phone is easy to set up vertical! No matter your cell phone is wearing a shell, can apply. After the installation is complete, it can be used directly. And silicone clip is also very strong, remove it to use the point of force! Normal driving is usually not fall off! Experience for some time, I think this magnetic mobile phone bracket easy to install, easy to use, strong adsorption! Personally think that the only drawback is that the current phone holder is the back of the phone must have a circular patch to attract the stent, this will undermine the overall beauty of the phone. And mobile phone holder versatility is not strong, if there is no patch on the back of the phone, you can not use. Unless your phone is full metal back cover.

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