Microsoft Officially Launched Windows 11 System, Seven Major Changes Detailed
June 24, Microsoft officially released a new generation of operating system - Windows 11. This is also Microsoft after nearly 6 years again launched a new version of Windows system (the last time or July 29, 2015 launched Windows 10). 1 With the launch of the new Windows system, the Windows logo has also changed, from the original see-through version of the logo into a square "田" logo, the new version of the logo you will like? 2 And then look at what Windows 11 has changed in terms of features and appearance!

1、Redesigning The Interface

Simplified interface design and user operation, more modern, neat and beautiful. The most obvious change is that the taskbar has come to a centered position. The start menu and taskbar are all new, and every sound, font, and icon is carefully designed. The new Sticky Layout, Sticky Groups, and Virtual Desktop features further enhance the multitasking processor and organize windows and optimize screen space. 3

2、Rapid Contact

The taskbar is natively integrated with Teams, allowing you to connect with your friends via typing, chat, voice, and video, whether on Windows, Android, or iOS platforms. You can also turn on and off silent mode or start a presentation directly from the taskbar. Two-way SMS contact is also supported if the other party does not have the Teams app. 4

3、The Most Powerful Gaming Experience Ever

The PC has always been one of the best platforms for gaming. According to Microsoft, Windows 11 unlocks the full potential of hardware, cutting-edge gaming technologies such as DirectX 12 Ultimate's high frame rate, DirectStorage's fast loading, and Auto HDR's wider color gamut and more vivid colors. With Xbox Game Pass for PC or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can also access hundreds of titles on PC and console at any time. 5


Pioneered on Vista, but later abandoned, Android carried forward, iOS has also supported, Windows finally welcome back, of course, a lot of changes. Clicking the icon on the task will bring up the following bunch of components on the left side of the desktop. 6 And look at the Mac interface, does it feel a bit similar? 7 In the use of the process still found a lot of places can spit, the location of all the formation can not be changed, in addition to the top of the weather, the other information is almost not much to see, I hope that later can be added. 5、The New Microsoft Store The new Microsoft Store is faster and designed to be more beautiful and easy to use, with not only more apps, but also a selection and collection of new content including apps, games, video shows, movies and more. Meanwhile, more apps are being added to the store, including Microsoft Teams, Visual Studio, Disney+, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zoom, Canva, and more. More crucially, Android apps are being introduced to Windows for the first time, and will be available in the Microsoft Store later this year, and can be downloaded through the Amazon App Store. More details will be shared later. 8

6、A More Open Ecosystem

Microsoft is taking steps to further open up the Microsoft Store to provide more profitable opportunities for creators, developers and create opportunities for Win32 apps, Progressive Web App (PWA), Universal Windows Apps (UWP) or any other app framework that can reach and interact with more users. Microsoft also announced incremental changes to its revenue sharing policy, which will allow app developers to bring their own business models to the Microsoft Store and retain 100 % of the revenue at no cost to Microsoft. Developers can also follow the 85/15 revenue sharing model, where Microsoft takes a 15% cut. Serve developers early, and Windows phones won't die so badly ...... 9

7、IT Deployment Faster, More Secure, More Familiar

Microsoft said that for IT departments, Windows 11 continues the reliable stability and quality compatibility of Windows 10, and can go on planning, preparing and deploying as usual, and the upgrade is very smooth, and the existing Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Cloud Configuration Service, Windows Update for Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Cloud Configuration Service, Windows Update for Business, Autopilot, etc. can also continue to be used normally. Application compatibility remains a core design principle of Windows 11. Microsoft promises that users can continue to have applications running on Windows 11 through App Assure (Application Assurance), and for customers with more than 150 people, Microsoft does not charge. There are also new built-in security technologies that increase protection from the chip to the cloud and provide a "zero-trust security protection model" to protect data and cross-device access, as well as working with OEMs and chip manufacturers to improve security benchmarks and address the changing threat landscape.

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