Pay more attention to the charger station.
If your mobile phone is well-known brand in general there will be no problem. But it must be very careful when buying some of its power supply. The reason is very simple, because there is no power supply even the best laptop can not bring you convenience, to know the mobile phone battery life is very short, just a few hours will be fully charged battery clean, so Most people play the mobile phone while charging. Pay more attention to the charger station. This time we should pay special attention to the mobile phone power adapter (also known as mobile phone charger station) problem, and the laptop power supply is the most important place is the power adapter, so when we buy a laptop should be extra The concern is the quality of the mobile phone charger station. The main function of the charger station is to convert the 220V AC to the mobile phone needs low voltage DC, is used to regulate the laptop, the voltage into the mobile phone to adjust, so that it can work on a safe basis. Some companies just sell a mobile phone when they get a mobile phone charger station is said to be dedicated, but in fact it is not, they do not even consider the mobile phone charger station current is not suitable for this mobile phone operating current. Therefore, we should first understand this mobile phone for current, voltage is how much, and then go to observe the power adapter for the current voltage, the two are not the same as soon as possible asks the sales staff to give you the replacement, because if you use The charger station to run the mobile phone can easily affect the life of the computer.