The advantages and disadvantages of nexus 5x charging cable.
Some time ago, Apple's mobile phone has been out of the 8th generation, but its Apple data cable has been using lightning interface, while Android phones use micro USB data cable and Type-C data cable as a charging cable. nexus 5x charging cable is a newly developed product in recent years, it is the same as the Apple data line can be inserted on both sides, the following look at the advantages and disadvantages of them as compared. The advantages and disadvantages of nexus 5x charging cable. Advantages: 1. ultra-thin interface, type-c interface length is 0.83cm, width is 0.26cm. 2. regardless of positive and negative double-sided insertion, which is the same lightning interface with the Apple data line. 3. fast charging, theoretically faster transmission speed (up to 10Gbps) and more powerful power transmission (up to 100W) 4. two-way transmission, nexus 5x charging cable power transmission is two-way, not only can be used for mobile notebook Device charging, you can also use other devices and mobile power for laptop charging. 4. can be backward compatible, nexus 5x charging cable can also be compatible with the old USB standard, but users need to purchase an additional adapter to complete the compatibility of this point than Apple's lightning data cable is more practical.That is nexus 5x charging cable scalability is relatively strong. 5. cheap, eliminating the cost of technology licensing certification. Disadvantages: 1. Security: As nexus 5x charging cable has a flexible, open and other features. In the event of a hacker attack, the impact will be very wide, especially in the face of BadUSB vulnerabilities, malicious code easily infected with other electronic products, and the possibility of repair is relatively small. However, since the USB3.1 interface has become a standard must comply with, which is also unavoidable for all manufacturers, it is recommended that users do not free to use a stranger's computer or download uninformed applications.

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