The Best Place to Mount a Phone in Cars

Smartphones and other mobile devices have become a big part of our lives. We need these items to perform various tasks with helpful features. If you are wondering the best place to mount your smartphone holder in your car, we have information to help you.

For example, you may need to use the map feature on your smartphone to find your way around town if you are visiting. This means you need a smartphone near you while driving. 

Read on to know the best positions to mount your phone in the car.

What Is a Car Mount for Smartphones?

The car mounts are sturdy devices with features and clamping arms that allow you to use your smartphones while driving. These mounts come with a wide range of features, making it convenient to touch the phone’s screen when you need to use them. 

You can buy the car mount online; since they are bestsellers, investing in these products is a great idea. 

Why Are Car Mounts in Demand?

There is a demand for these products because they provide the convenience many car owners need. The mounts have features that allow you to stick them in your preferred position anywhere in the car. Then, using the mounted phone is easy, especially when you need to tap on the screen often while using applications like Google maps. 

The car mounts are helpful when you need to manage your playlist while driving. Some people would instead tap on the phone’s screen instead of using voice-activated controls for music, which are not too reliable. 

Also, car mounts are sturdy. They have durable arm clasps that can securely hold your smartphone, even when you hit a bumpy road. The phone will not fall off and smash if you have set it up correctly. 

These products are also affordable. Considering their useful features and how they help car owners, these products are a must-have. 

What You Must Consider Before Mounting a Phone in your Car

While having a mounted phone in your car has many advantages, there is something you should consider before going ahead with it. You must ensure the position you choose to mount your phone will not obstruct your view of the road ahead. It would help if you chose a position not in the way of your front or back view while driving.

Car accidents have claimed so many lives, and we should do what is necessary to avoid taking risks while driving. Also, you must confirm that it is legal to mount phones in cars, in your country, or where you plan to visit. 

This is an essential consideration that will help you avoid putting your life at risk while driving the car with your phone mounted. So, please continue reading to know how you can choose an appropriate position for mounting your phone in the car.

Finding the Best Positions to Mount a Phone in Cars

The reality is that you may need to try several positions before deciding on what works best for you. You can install your car mount in different positions, so we will highlight these options to give you the best ideas. You can make the experience much better by first buying a car mount with the best features suitable for your phone.

Mounting the Phone on the AC Vent

The Ac vent is an ideal spot to position your car phone mount. The position allows you to easily reach out to touch the phone’s screen and view the screen when necessary. There are about four AC vents on the dashboard. You should choose one of the vents nearest to you. 

Mounting the car phone holder on the vent also eliminates the risk of experiencing an obstructed view. The vents are positioned so that the mount will not cover the view through the windshield or side mirrors, so it is ideal for phones.

Windshield Mounts

However, you must choose the most suitable position on the windshield that will not obstruct your view while driving. For example, mounting the phone higher up the windshield is a good idea because you have a clear view of the road ahead and can easily reach out to use any of the phone’s features while driving. You can also mount your phone on the windshield if it is an average-sized smartphone. 

The windshield position is possible because the mounts have a deep suction cup. This cup holds the mount securely, so you have no worries about falling off the position while driving. And since it is on the windshield, you can easily view the screen to find your destination if you are using the map.


Another fantastic position to mount your phone in a car is the dashboard. The dashboard in many cars provides a broad space for this purpose, and you can choose the most convenient position. 

You should, however, be careful to choose a position that will not blindside your view while you drive. It is best to try out different mounting positions on the dashboard to find a suitable option. 

You can choose the products that rely on adhesives to hold the mount to the dashboard. 

The mount stays in position because these products come with a reliable suction cup. However, choose a top-rated product that will not leave adhesive marks on your dashboard if you ever have to move the phone mount.

Installing a Car Mount for Phones

This is an easy process, but do not hesitate to read the user manual or ask for help if you are confused about the installation. These mounts come with suction cups or an adhesive base. 

All you need to do is find a suitable position and install the mount by pressing firmly on the position. The suction cup pushes air out and sticks to the surface. The same thing happens with the adhesive. 

Next, place your phone on the mount and secure it using the caps; ensure the phone fits tightly. So it does not fall off when you hit a bumpy road.


Overall, many phone car mounts exist, so you should ensure you buy from a reliable brand. We sell the best products on the market, tested and trusted. You can order these car mounts in bulk. Please send us a customer contact form to get started. 

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