The macbook usb c charger will have a better user experience.
USB Type-C interface, the development of these two years is very fast, all the current laptops are beginning to use Type-C port, and many flagship phones are beginning to use Type-C interface. However, due to the different standards adopted by various companies, the design of mobile power supplies poses a great challenge to macbook usb c chargers and cell phone chargers. The macbook usb c charger will have a better user experience. These challenges include: First, the new standards change rapidly, and now both need to support PD 3.0 with PPS (programmable) and Qualcomm's Quick Charge (QC) 4.0 agreement; the second is in addition to support the previous two standards, but also support Samsung, Apple and other standards. The phone's USB-C port is very complicated. Third, the current solutions for the macbook usb c charger, charger and mobile power supply are very complex, require a lot of peripheral devices, but also bring design challenges. How to solve the designer's problems, but allows users to easily use only one charger will be able to most of the macbook are USB-C charging efficiently? Cypress's executives highlighted the integrated VBus short-circuit protection feature on the CC pin. He explained that "there are 20 pins in the USB-C interface. When the user pulls out, it can not be pulled out in parallel. If he tilts a bit, he may touch the high-voltage Vbus and it will short-circuit.So, we made a function that can protect this short circuit especially to charge the macbook. This function is very important when the charging voltage reaches more than 20 volts, and the protection chip is being added on the PC now.