The Necessity Of Choosing A Reasonable AV Cable For Audio
The AV cable, which is responsible for the audio transmission signal, plays an important role in the entire audio system. A good audio cable and a poor audio cable not only have different materials, but also have different internal structural principles. Therefore, there are certain differences in signal transmission performance and resistance to external electromagnetic interference. Good Sound Quality High-end audio is equipped with high-end audio cable, mid-range audio is equipped with mid-range audio cable, and low-end audio is equipped with low-end audio cable. This is the most reasonable investment principle to ensure the best performance of audio. Someone bought a high-end audio, but chose a low-end audio cable to save money. This is no different from driving a Mercedes-Benz to a gas station and adding the cheapest 90# gasoline. On the surface, it saves money, but the actual effect is not good. The best performance of the car. Usually in the high-end audio configuration, the investment ratio of the audio line is 15%~30%. Even for ordinary audio, you cannot use a too low-grade AV cable, because this will not only attenuate the signal, but the transmitted signal is susceptible to external electromagnetic interference, which will eventually cause sound distortion.Two Styles for You to Choose