The Need for Under-screen Camera
Along with the manufacturers of cell phone screen ratio, the pursuit of full-screen has been officially mass-produced smartphones in the front camera design with bangs, beauty tip, lift the camera and digging hole screen several design methods, including lift camera is currently the closest to the true full-screen design, but the design deficiency is to increase the thickness and weight of the phone. full-screen In fact, in these several front camera designs, there is a front camera design as early as a few years ago by the manufacturers but has not been officially applied, which is the under-screen camera, why under-screen fingerprints have been popularized, and so many years have passed, the under-screen camera has not been popularized?

01 Camera imaging principle

First of all, the selfie itself is a high-quality imaging requirement of a job. We know that only transparent objects can pass through the light, and opaque objects are not allowed to pass through the light. When the screen is in the bright screen state, it is equivalent to a layer of opaque or low transmission rate in front of the lens, even after technical processing. However, the screen pixel structure still reduces the available illumination, which will have some impact on the details and colors, or will make the image blurred, causing the selfie effect is not ideal. Camera imaging principle

02 Screen screen effect

In addition to the need to solve the selfie problem of the front lens, how to ensure the apparent effect of the under-screen area is also a difficult point. Generally speaking, if not handled properly, the screen display area above the under-screen camera has the problem of reduced resolution. We can clearly see the difference between this part of the screen display and the screen as a whole, just like a screen window in the front camera part, which is also known as the "screen effect," these problems on the manufacturer's These problems have high requirements on the manufacturer's algorithm function and the quality of the OLED screen itself. Screen screen effect There is no doubt that whether it is to meet the light transmission requirements of the under-screen camera or to remove the "screen effect," these are not immediate results in a short period but also depend on the manufacturers to spend some time and effort to polish and change, so most brands have a critical attitude towards this so that the explosion of under-screen camera phones than we expected. The outbreak of camera phones is even later than we expected. screen effect Before a better solution comes out, the under-screen camera design will be the preferred solution for many manufacturers to achieve a full screen. Once manufacturers overcome the current difficulties, the under-screen camera phones will naturally achieve mass production.

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