What is DP 1.4?

Everything is changing fast in the gadget world. New devices are invented, and display units like the screens on TVs or laptops are much brighter and crisp clear. With these technological advancements comes the need to transfer and share high-quality signals. This can be audio or video signals. 

To transmit signals across devices with improved tech, you will need a DP. The letters DP are an abbreviation for display port. 

The display port, DP, can best describe the serial medium you can use to send high-quality digital audio or video files seamlessly. 

What does this mean? Using a DP means enjoying higher resolution on your TV or laptop screens. The DP effect can be enjoyed across all electronic devices with a DP in their serial configuration. 

You can say the DP works just like the VGA serial options. However, the results with a DP are much better. So, with the DP, you can enjoy a more immersive gaming or cinema viewing session.

Features of the DisplayPort 1.4

DP has become very popular because many people do not want to compromise their gaming experience or when watching HD movies. The tech is reliable, and the results are consistent. So, it is not surprising that many people are talking about DP and how it has become the preferred choice compared to HDMI and other older options.

Here are some of the most significant features of the DP system:

High Refresh Rate

The DP effect significantly increases the refresh rate of your monitor. The refresh rate is the frequency at which the visually displayed content on a TV or laptop screen refreshes. For the best viewing experience, the device must have a high refresh rate.

Using a DP serial to transmit your audio or visual images comes with the assurance of a high refresh rate.

Compatibility with Advanced Visual Tech

Using DP is an excellent idea because it syncs seamlessly with advanced graphics tech like the FreeSync tech, which AMD developed for better visual experiences. It is also compatible with G-Sync, another excellent tech that supports video streaming and gaming. G-Sync is a particular project that Nvidia manages.

Since it is compatible with these visual graphics systems, DP 1.4 is the most preferred serial interface for PC gaming. Using it comes with an assurance of an immersive experience, whether gaming or streaming videos.

Impressive Bandwidth for Transmissions

The bandwidth capacity of the DP 1.4 is outstanding. The DP 1.4 ports can support a bandwidth as high as 32.4 Gbps. This is why it is the industry's favorite for video streaming. 

What does this mean? You can enjoy a much better viewing experience on a TV or laptop monitor at such high bandwidth. Many other options like the HDMI can only support an 18Gbps bandwidth, which is small compared to the DP 1.4 capacity. 

Supports Higher Resolution

The DP serial lets you view graphics and other visual content in 4K and 8K. The visual content can accommodate up to 10-bit color and a high-frequency rate. This is impressive. 

We earlier mentioned that the refresh rate support with DP is exceptional. 

Multiple Displays

The multi-display feature is convenient because it allows you to stream and view different visual content from each port. This is excellent for a PC gaming event or a workstation that requires multiple monitors showing different content simultaneously. 

The fantastic tech allows you to control the viewing experience from these monitors and perform many other tasks without losing refresh rate or visual quality. 

Overall, the fact that DP 1.4 supports ultra HD 4K or 8K displays is a huge reason to buy it. This is because the manufacturers know end users will value the product's capabilities. Most times, you may be fortunate to discover that it comes with your new TV or PC monitor.

But what about people who already have the HDMI cables?

HDMI vs. DP1.4

The HDMI also significantly impacted the industry, and many still use it. However, many users have made the switch since DP 1.4 came into the scene.

If your monitors or TV came with an HDMI cable, you should probably continue using it. But, if you observe there is a DP 1.4 port, you can go for the upgrade.

Here are some of the differences between the two products so that you can choose the best option:

The HDMI option can only support up to 4K visual displays, while the DP 1.4 is more than capable of handling 8K visual content. The streaming experience will always be seamless. 

The HDMI only accommodates a bandwidth of 18 Gbps, while the DP 1.4 capacity is a whopping 32.4 Gbps. Also, the HDMI cannot support multiple displays with visual stability, like the DP 1.4 cables. 

DP 1.4 Advantages

The product not only delivers the best user experience, but it is also worth your money. Here are the top reasons why you should use the DP 1.4 instead of other options:


The cables are tough, which is great because they last longer. The cables can last for as long as 5000 insertions into a port. Also, the connectors end in a rigid molded jacket that can withstand multiple bends while in use. 

Consistent Results

The display quality you get when using the DP 1.4 is consistent. This is because the connectors are made from high-quality materials that are corrosion resistant. The well-built connectors will hold fast to prevent disconnection after you plug it in correctly. 

Long Cables

The cable length makes it convenient to use these products. The length starts from 2 meters, making the cable ideal for all types of workstations. 

Supports 8K Visual Content

DP 1.4 is the best option for PC gaming or streaming HDR videos. It is the best serial interface for professional workstations. 


DP 1.4 is a high-performance product designed for today's modern tech. It is reliable and durable. You can order this product in bulk today. Their features make them bestsellers; send us a customer contact form to order. 

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