what is hdmi 2.1
Most people don’t pay enough attention to the cables connecting their Blu-ray player to the television, projector, or soundbar. In no distant time, those cables may not work as the HDMI 2.1 is becoming more widespread. This means technology brands will also use the new standard in manufacturing TV, game consoles, projectors, or media steamer for increased bandwidth, higher frame rates, and resolutions. The HDMI cable is one of the most popular and durable cables in the makers, with several uses from television to laptops to streaming devices. It is the latest and most advanced HDMI specification that supports higher video resolutions. Compared to the previous versions of HDMI, its features are outstanding and provide refresh rates, including 8K60 and 4K120 and resolutions of up to 10K. The HDMI 2.1 provides a bandwidth capability of up to 48Gbps. This new ultra-high-speed HDMI cable supports 48Gbps bandwidth and ensures the delivery of uncompressed 8k video with HDR. One of its most significant features is an exceptionally low EMI ( electro-magnetic interference) which helps to reduce interference with nearby wireless devices. The HDMI 2.1 cable is also backward compatible and can be used with the existing installed base of HDMI devices.

What does HDMI 2.1 do?

The HDMI 2.1 was developed in 2013. One of its peculiar features is passing 4k content at 60fps (frames per second) and a video resolution of 3840 X 2160. This high frame rate is popularly used in video games, effectively tracking different objects and matching the speed. A few years after the launch of the HDMI 2.0, HDMI 2.0a was included to support HDR (High Dynamic Range ). The HDMI 2.0b also followed shortly after with additional support for specific HLG ( Hybrid Log-Gamma). This has been the highest standard for most consumers to date.

HDMI 2.1 Features

The features of the HDMI 2.1 are outstanding. Essentially, it is capable of doing beyond what HDMI 2.0 can do. It supports higher video resolution bringing the best experience to users. It also supports faster refresh rates, including 8K60Hz and 4K120Hz. This ensures an impressive viewing experience and a seamless fast-action detail. The HDMI 2.1 cable also supports resolutions up to 10K and supports commercial AV and Industrial usages. The HDMI 2.1 cable supports several static and dynamic HDR solutions. It ensures every video is displayed at its ideal values for depth, brightness, and contrast. Every moment of the video is displayed on a scene-by-scene basis. Again, it can also reduce the amount of time it takes to go from a blank screen to content, thanks to a feature called QMS( Quick Media Switching ) Users will experience a noticeable progression in video image quality from SDR to static HDR and static HDR to dynamic. This HDMI cable supports 48G bandwidth for uncompressed HDMI 2.1 feature support. Low emission makes it backward compatible and can be used with the older versions of HDMI specifications and existing HDMI devices. The HDMI 2.1 also supports eARC, an update to the ARC ( Audio Return Channel ) connection that allows you to send DTS:X and Dolby Atmos soundtrack from your TV to an audio system using premium quality.

Do I Have to Get a New Television

This will depend on the reason you want to use HDMI 2.1. It will also depend on the product and if its hardware is comparable with the necessary firmware update. However, if you're going to enjoy the full speed and features of the HDMI 2.1, you will need a new TV.

Do I Need New Cables?

To get the full benefits of any HDMI 2.1 sockets, you will need HDMI 2.1 cables. Fortunately, two common sources of HDMI 2.1, the PS5 and Xbox Series X are sold with HDMI cables. For instance, if you need an extra cable for length's sake, make sure it is HDMI 2.1 complaint. Thankfully the HDMI Forum recently launched a program to certify HDMI 2.1 cables. The cable comes with a QR code that can be scanned to confirm the certificate. Since the HDMI 2.1 cables are backward compatible, you have nothing to lose.

What HDMI 2.1 Sources Are Available Now?

Technology brands like LG, Sony, Samsung, Phillips, etc., have HDMI TVs available. And the popular primary sources of HDMI 2.1 are PS5 and Xbox Series X with consoles capable of signal output in 4k/120. These high frame rates are great for fast-paced action games such as Call of Duty, Cold War. If you do your gaming on a PC rather than a console, several HDMI 2.1 graphics are available. The new version of Apple TV 4K also has a socket for HDMI 2.1, although it doesn’t make use of the extra bandwidth since its output is at a maximum of 4K/60.

The HDMI Forum

The HDMI Forum’s Technical Working Group developed the HDMI 2.1. This forum comprises the worlds leading manufacturers of electronic gadgets such as mobile devices, components, cables, studios, service providers, test labs, and equipment manufacturers. The forum's mission is to expand the ecosystem of interoperable HDMI-enabled products and promote wider industry participation in developing the later version of HDMI specification.

What is the Testing Policy of the HDMI 2.1 Products

Every product must comply with the 2.1 version of the HDMI specification and the Compliance Test Specification (CTS) How to Identify an Ultra High-Speed HDMI Cable ●There are a few pointers to identify an ultra-high-speed HDMI cable ●The name of the ultra-high-speed HDMI cable on the package ●The cable certification label on the package. ●The cable label should also be printed on the label. ●The cable name printed on the cable jacket ●A QR Code and holographic image that can only be scanned by the HDMI Cable Certification app. Ventioncable manufactures trusted and reliable HDMI cables. Visit our website for more information.

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