What is Lithium Ion Battery
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Part.1 in-line headset can take a selfie

At present, many brands of cell phones support pressing the in-line headset volume up button to take pictures. In the use of a large-screen phone or tablet PC selfie no longer need to hold up the device with one hand, the other hand to press the photo button.

Part.2 Landscape video recording more professional

Video resolution is standard in the landscape, such as 1920 * 1080 pixels. If upright shooting will become 1080 * 1920 pixels. When you play on the computer, TV, or upload to the video site, you will find that there are black bars on both sides of the video, affecting the viewing effect.

Part.3 Reboot your phone once a week

At present, many brands of cell phones support pressing the in-line headset volume up button to take pictures. When using a large-screen phone or tablet to take a selfie, you no longer need to hold the device with one hand and press the photo button with the other.

Part.4 Assistive Touch is not for you

Apple initially designed Assistive Touch with a small white dot to facilitate the use of the phone by people with muscle weakness and those who have difficulty using their palms because pressing the Home button requires a certain amount of force. But after the white dot came out, it became a feature that everyone loves to play.

Part.5 long time open Bluetooth, WiFi will consume power

Long time open Bluetooth, WiFi will consume power, in the long run, will cause the battery to accelerate the aging, this should know more people. In addition, from time to time to close the background applications, to save power is also very helpful.

Part.6 Download offline maps

Car navigators on the market, cheap but also several hundred, expensive to thousands. So, it is a wiser choice to navigate directly with your cell phone. But many driving friends may encounter such a problem, the car often encounter bad signal when driving, poor signal navigation is easy to make mistakes, moving to re-plan the route. It is recommended to download offline maps, if you are afraid of taking up the phone memory, you can use a used phone to download, as long as there is a GPS function, no need to connect to the network.  " Category_Technology Overview Technology Overview What is Lithium Ion Battery "PART ONE: Lithium-ion battery fast charging technology Lithium-ion battery fast charging technology refers to increasing the charging voltage and charging current of the charger so that the battery can be charged quickly. For example, in cell phones and notebooks, ordinary charging technology generally uses 0.5C charging current (1C current here is interpreted as 1 times the current of the battery capacity, such as 2600mAh battery, 1 times the current of the battery capacity is equal to 2600mA, then 1 hour can be full), which can only fill 25% of the power in 30 minutes, while fast charging technology currently uses 1.2 C to 1.8 C charging current, can achieve 60% to 80% of the power within 30 minutes. PART TWO: Batteries can accept higher charging currents Such fast charging technology reflects the obvious advantages of lithium-ion batteries, mainly in the following areas: first of all, high energy density, if the electrical energy capacity is the same, lithium-ion batteries are smaller, lighter, more portable, and thin; secondly, the open-circuit voltage of lithium-ion batteries is also higher than other positive ion batteries, the use of longer; finally, lithium-ion batteries can be charged with high current, this feature for fast This feature provides the possibility of fast charging. In addition, commonly used lithium-ion batteries without memory effect, the battery does not need to discharge the remaining charge before charging, can be charged at any time, the use of maintenance is simple and easy. The technical key to achieving fast charging of lithium-ion batteries is: the battery can accept a large charging current, which requires the battery itself to be small enough for polarization resistance; after the battery receives high current charging, the battery can still ensure the life and safety, which requires the battery material to be stable enough. PART THREE: Lithium-ion batteries are widely used Lithium-ion batteries are widely used because of their high energy density, long cycle life, no memory effect, green environmental protection, etc., which are manifested in the following aspects: 1, fast-charging lithium-ion batteries in the field of cell phones will be important applications. Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used in smartphones, but due to the high power consumption of smartphones long charging time of cell phone batteries, which restricts the use and development of smartphones, lithium-ion batteries with fast charging capability will make up for this defect, improve the charging speed of cell phone batteries to meet the use of smartphones. 2, in the vehicle equipment, the application of lithium-ion batteries has also become an important development direction. Fast-charging lithium-ion batteries not only solve the problem of charging the vehicle battery but also improve the charging efficiency of lithium-ion batteries, to improve the power supply capacity of vehicle equipment, to meet the normal use of vehicle equipment has an important role. 3, charging cell phones to a wide variety of mobile charging devices. In this field, fast-charging lithium-ion batteries can not only quickly charge mobile charging devices but also improve the functionality of mobile charging devices, which has an important role in promoting the development of mobile charging devices.  " Category_Technology Overview Technology Overview How Did the Pandemic Change our Offices?   "Before the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home was perceived as a nice-to-have. However, as the rolling lockdowns became the order of the day when the pandemic peaked, many companies discovered that it became a must-have.   In an article predicting what the future workplace may look like, the World Economic Forum cites the example of Facebook and how it “unveiled a mixed reality workspace, which could help its employees work from home...” CNBC.com names companies that have switched to full-time remote or hybrid work, including Coinbase, Atlassian, Lyft, Spotify, and Twitter. This is testimony that the “work from home” (WFH) and “remote school” phenomena, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, have changed our office and school experiences. But how has the way we locate our offices and work actually changed? That’s if it has. Has the WFH idea affected productivity? Did it impact the demand for office resources like computers and cables? What is the future of work and offices? If the answers to these questions interest you, read on.

The Impact of Coronavirus on Work and Offices

If there is one area where the effect of the coronavirus is as clear as day, that area is the workplace. When the World Health Organization declared that Covid-19 had become a pandemic, many countries slammed their borders shut and forced people to remain at home. However, services and goods were still required during the pandemic, and workers still needed to be paid so they could also pay their bills. This led to millions of companies worldwide letting employees work from home.

Remote Work and Virtual Meetings

A report produced by a group of writers from the global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company identifies some observable ways the pandemic changed the way people work.   According to the McKinsey & Company report, “Perhaps the most obvious impact of COVID-19 on the labor force is the dramatic increase in employees working remotely.” The company notes that remote work has also had other consequences that may not have been envisaged. For example, it reports that some of the executives it surveyed had indicated that they had become aware that some jobs could be easily done from home without the need to come to the office. The reduction in required office space is likely to negatively affect other downtown businesses such as restaurants, retail establishments, and public transportation. For instance, McKinsey & Company reports that the success achieved by many teams while using teleconferencing during the pandemic may put a dent in business travel, the most lucrative segment for airlines. The report estimates that 20 percent of pre-Covid-19 business travel may never return.  

New Patterns of Work and Roles

In an article published by Cornell University's SC Johnson College of Business, Janice Endresen cites experts who suggest that the pandemic created new work patterns.     The idea that the pandemic introduced new patterns of work is also acknowledged by Mary Baker, writing for the website of the technological research and consulting firm, Gartner.com. Baker notes, “Before COVID-19, critical roles were viewed as roles with critical skills, or the capabilities an organization needed to meet its strategic goals.” She adds, “Now, employers are realizing that there is another category of critical roles — roles that are critical to the success of essential workflows.” From this changing way of looking at roles, Baker believes that employers should begin to “focus less on roles — which group unrelated skills — than on the skills needed to drive the organization’s competitive advantage and the workflows that fuel that advantage.” Instead, she suggests that organizations need to encourage employees to acquire the skills that will assist them in taking advantage of multiple opportunities in their career development.

Encouraging the Adoption of Automation and AI

The main reason for shutting down countries and forcing people to remain at home as the pandemic peaked was to avoid the contact that could spread the virus. One of the leading solutions for ensuring that people continued to receive services while remaining safe during the pandemic was automation and the use of artificial intelligence. This is a view acknowledged by the McKinsey & Company report, which concludes that “Many companies deployed automation and AI in warehouses, grocery stores, call centers, and manufacturing plants to reduce workplace density and cope with surges in demand.” While this may have allowed the social distancing required during the pandemic, it has a negative effect on jobs as the work that humans could have otherwise done may end up being done by machines. McKinsey & Company predicts these adverse effects will be felt in food services and customer sales and service roles. However, the growth in e-commerce is likely to positively affect the growth of jobs in the transportation and warehousing sectors.  

Mixed Views on Productivity

Did the WFH phenomenon imposed by the pandemic result in improved performance? If you ask business magnate and investor Elon Musk, he will tell you that “all the Covid stay-at-home stuff has tricked people into thinking that you don’t actually need to work hard.” Those who still have doubts about what Musk meant probably haven’t seen the email he sent to his staff at Tesla. He wrote: Everyone at Tesla is required to spend a minimum of 40 hours in the office per week. Moreover, the office must be where your actual colleagues are located, not some remote pseudo office. If you don’t show up, we will assume you have resigned.    Isobel Asher Hamilton of Business Insider cites some economists who debunk Musk’s view, noting that the WFH phenomenon resulted in more productivity. Hamilton quotes London School of Economics’ economic and financial historian Dr. Natacha Postel-Vinay who says, “Most of the evidence shows that productivity has increased while people stayed at home.” Postel-Vinay supports her view by noting, “People spent less time commuting so could use some of that time to work, and they also got to spend more time with their family and sleeping, which meant they were happier and ended up more productive.” Michael Gibbs, Friederike Mengel, and Christoph Siemroth, from the Becker Friedman Institute for Economics at the University of Chicago conducted a study focusing on WFH and productivity. They concluded, “Employees worked more, including outside regular office hours, but had less uninterrupted time to focus on task completion as they spent more time in meetings.” They add that employees spent less time being evaluated, coached, and trained, which hurt productivity.

Increased Demand for Cables

At the height of the pandemic, nearly all activities had to be done online. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the demand for networking equipment and cables escalated.   Engineering360, a website focusing on content targeting technicians and engineers, reports an increase in demand for fiber-optic cable. This is because there was an increased demand for broadband capacity to meet the traffic created by the fact that many people were working and learning from home. Even though cable installation for a home office is not rocket science, many people attempting to set up home offices often realize that there is more at play than just connecting the cable to the gadget.

Choose the Right Cable

To ensure that you get the suitable cable, you must start by determining the type of cable you need. For example, you will need an audio cable to transfer audio between components. So, you would need an audio cable to transfer sound from a computer to a set of speakers. On the other hand, a video cable is used when transmitting video signals. According to Engineering360, video cables “…are used with video cards, cameras, monitors, servers, and multiplexers; digital to video recorders (DVR); and scan and video converters.”   Another critical group of cables is networking cables. These cables connect devices within a network. They can also be used to connect devices like computers to a shared printer.  

Buy Reliable Quality Cable  

Certain companies have been making cables for a long time, building a reputation as reliable sources of audio and video cables. Then again, some see an opportunity to make quick money by entering the market during peak demand. If you buy cables for your remote or home office, it’s vital that you choose a trusted brand. Look for international ISO 9000 certifications, including CE, FCC, KC, and RoHS, which provide evidence of global quality.

The Future of Work and Offices

We can learn several things about work and offices from the pandemic, and it will not be possible to unlearn these and return to the way things once were, even when the pandemic is over. The Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) puts things in perspective, “Gone are the days of show up, get work done, go home, repeat.” The same organization adds, “Today, work is flexible and collaborative and increasingly creative.” It observes, “Organizations are moving away from traditional office environments and toward spaces that mirror how we really work and live.”     The AESC has some wise words for those companies that will listen; “Consider trends like remote work, video conferencing, cloud computing, and other innovative disruptions affecting physical spaces.”         " Category_Technology Overview Technology Overview How to Tell if an HDMI Cable is 2.1 "You may be wondering how to tell if an HDMI cable is 2.1. There are some indicative features you can find in the HDMI cable 2.1. The HDMI cable 2.1 represents a significant improvement over HDMI 2.0. It's available on the top new TVs, including LG, Samsung, TCL, Vizio, Sony, and other brands. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the next-generation game consoles, also support HDMI 2.1. HDMI 2.1, to put it succinctly, provides for better resolutions, frame rates, and bandwidth. On the other hand, the connector isn't changing, so new HDMI 2.1 devices will work with your existing cables and equipment. However, if you want to take advantage of all that 2.1 offers, you'll need a few upgrades and possibly new cables. Here's how to tell if the HDMI cable is 2.1 HDMI 2.1 cables can be challenging to find. They are similar to prior HDMI cables, except that instead of 1.4 or 1.2, they may have a 2.1 designation on the package. They work in the same way as earlier HDMI cables. They, however, provide a slightly better picture. This is accomplished using a different cable structure, higher-quality materials, and stricter testing criteria. It might be challenging to distinguish HDMI 2.1 cables because many older cables compatible with earlier versions of the standard are still sold as 2.1 cables. The simplest way to tell if a cable is 2.1 or 2.1a is to search for the 2.1 or 2.1a label. Cables marked 2.0 will not work with 2.1 ports and vice versa.

Standard HDMI 2.1

The most recent upgrade to the HDMI® specification is HDMI® Specification 2.1a. It now supports a wider range of video resolutions and refresh rates, including 8K60 and 4K120, as well as resolutions up to 10K. In addition, dynamic HDR formats are supported, and bandwidth has been increased to 48 Gbps.

Enhanced HDMI 2.1

Setting the HDMI port to advance on Sony televisions provides 18 Gbps HDMI compatibility. The HDMI data pipeline cannot handle 18 Gbps bandwidth with conventional HDMI.

Do HDMI 2.1 Cables Have a Different Appearance?

HDMI 2.1 and HDMI 2.0 don't appear that dissimilar initially. Certain HDMI 2.0 TVs and displays can pass as HDMI 2.1 devices. In terms of physical qualities, the 2.1 model cables are identical to the 2.0 model cables. The color of the connections is the only noticeable difference you'll notice. The HDMI 2.1 connectors, like the HDMI 1.4 connectors, are gold-colored.

What Is the Difference Between HDMI 2.0 and HDMI 2.1?

HDMI 2.1 supports a higher resolution, faster refresh rate, and other features. It is backward compatible with older versions of HDMI, allowing you to connect your devices using either version. However, the increased bandwidth capacity allows more information to be sent simultaneously. Think of the bandwidth as a water pipe. The wider the pipe, the more water flows through. A higher bandwidth capacity allows for a greater amount of data to be transmitted at once. For example, while HDMI 2.0 can transmit video at 1080p @ 60 Hz, HDMI 2.1 can support 4K @ 120 Hz. HDMI 2.0 will allow higher resolutions, improved audio quality, and improved image processing. You should also see improvements in picture quality if your display supports HDMI 2.0. However, you may need to upgrade your display or television to get the full benefits of the new standard.

How to Avoid Buying a Fake HMDI 2.1 Cable

With HDMI 2.1, you get twice the bandwidth—40Gbps compared to 20Gbps—and twice the number of lanes—four compared to two. That means you get double the amount of information per second. But if your cable isn’t reliable, you could lose all of that extra bandwidth. One essential tip to tell if an HDMI cable is 2.1 is to ensure you buy a high-quality one. Look for cables that pass FCC certification and come with a lifetime warranty.

Find HDMI Ultra High-Speed Cables

The HDMI forum oversees the HDMI specification. The HDMI Licensing Administrator also oversees licensing of the technology. Manufacturers must meet the standards of both organizations if they want to produce products that comply with the HDMI standard. The latest version of the HDMI standard is called HDMI 2.1. However, the HDMI Licensing Administrator uses a different vocabulary for cables. If you want to purchase an HDMI 2.1 compatible cable, look for the word “HDMI Ultra-High-Speed” on the packaging. There isn’t a specific cable designation for HDMI 2.1. However, if you buy an HDMI 2.1 capable device, you should expect all of its functions to be supported. If you purchase a non-2.1 capable device, you won’t get all of the benefits of HDMI 2.1. So, buying a 2.1-capable device will give you access to all of the features offered by HDMI 2, including HDR10 and Dolby Vision. HDMI 2.1 is an update to the original HDMI specification released in 2008. It includes many improvements, including handling resolutions up to 8Kx8K at 60Hz. You also get access to the 4K 120Hz feature. However, even if you're not planning on upgrading your current setup, you should consider buying a compatible HDMI cable.

Verify your Cable Purchases with the Official App

When shopping at a store or ordering an item online, you can verify the quality of your HDMI cable with the official HDMI certification app for iOS and Android. Download the app, point your phone’s camera at your package, and wait. A congratulatory message will appear stating that the cable has been certified. The HDMI licensing administrator says that the manufacturer's and product's names must be printed on the cable's outer jacket. If you're buying an HDMI cable, make sure it passes the official tests. You can check the certification at the manufacturer's website. Check the HDMI logo, if any, to see whether it's certified. If not, you must return the product and get your money back.

Problems Associated with Cheap HDMI Cables

When troubleshooting issues with your home entertainment setup, there are a few things to consider. First, you should always check the connections inside your TV. If everything looks fine, then you should move on to checking cables. Most TVs will come with a standard HDMI cable included. However, you may need to purchase one separately if yours doesn't. You should also double-check your inputs to ensure they aren’t muted or turned down. If you still cannot get the audio you want, you should try changing channels or increasing the volume. If you play the same game on an older console like the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, you will likely experience fewer problems. You will probably see fewer issues if you play the same game at 1080p/60fps on those consoles. For example, if you play Fortnite on the PS4 Pro or the Xbox One X, you may see some minor graphical glitches now and again. But if you play the same game using the same settings on an Xbox 360 or PS3, there won’t be any significant issues. While streaming video at 4K resolution, your cable needs to be short enough to avoid signal degradation. You can also run into problems if you're trying to stream at 120 frames per second (fps). The higher the frame rate, the less time there is between each frame. As a result, the quality of the image will suffer. To ensure the highest quality possible, you should stick to a maximum cable length of around 10 feet (3 meters) for 4K resolution and 30 feet (9 meters) for 60 fps. If you experience any issues, try testing a shorter cable. Now that you know how to tell if an HDMI cable is 2.1, you should get one to enjoy higher resolutions and audio quality. We are wholesale manufacturers of quality HDMI cables. Please, fill out the contact form to get in touch with us." Category_Technology Overview Technology Overview What is DisplayPort 2.0? "Most people have never heard of a DisplayPort. It is a video transfer standard that the industry uses. At the most basic level, it is similar to HDMI. The latest DisplayPort 2.0 can transfer videos of high resolution. The current display ports can easily transfer videos up to 8k resolution with 60 Hz frame rates. These ports can come in large and mini sizes to support different HDMI cables. So the real question is do we need DisplayPort 2.0? Yes, if you want to set up different display setups, you need a display port to connect them together.

DisplayPort technology

You can plug the cable of your setup into another screen Display Port. With this method, you can easily show the display of your setup on the screen. This method is easy and fast; that’s why used by many PC gamers and computer professionals. The DisplayPort 2.0 comes in handy as it can transfer data at a much higher speed for its users. With the use of HDMI 2.1 cables, the users of Xbox and PS5 were able to have a majestic display. They could run games at 4K 120 Hz. So 2.1 port became essential for such TVs. But still, these days, some come with DisplayPort 2.0 as they can achieve a high frame rate as well.

Benefits of DisplayPort 2.0

Increased bandwidth, stunning performance

As we know, increasing the thickness can increase the bandwidth of videos that can pass. The DisplayPort 2.0 can easily transmit high-resolution data at 77.4Gbps bandwidth. The three-time increase in bandwidth means an unimaginable resolution. To understand how much better DisplayPort 2.0 is, we can compare the refresh rate, bandwidth, and resolution of older display ports.

Better resolution

Without any compression or change in the video color with DP 2.0, we can have a resolution of 10K (10240 × 4320). We can also have a frame rate of 240 Hz  4K resolution.

Display Stream Compression

The DisplayPort 2.0 supports display stream compression. Using the DSC technology, the DP 2.0 can achieve the highest resolution of 16K (15360 × 8640). This is best for people who are gaming enthusiasts. They can enjoy high resolution and audio quality. The better resolution means we can run videos with better quality easily on our screens.

DisplayPort connector

The Displayport 2.0 supports an excellent multi-screen setup. If you want high resolution on a different screen, you can use it. Even if you connect three-screen of 4K using this display port, you can still achieve a high frame rate 90Hz. Using an 8K monitor, you can connect 2 of them using DP 2.0. a silky-smooth display of 120Hz can be achieved. The refresh rates of videos have also increased.

Video electronics standards association

As we know today, no 8K 120 Hz display devices are available. The association has set some standards for DisplayPort 2.0. But with the ever-increasing resolution, they will be needed soon. So DP 2.0 can come in handy. We have seen many tablets with 120Hz screens.  A smoother gaming experience can be achieved on a large screen using a 120hz screen. So, for this, one needs to use DP 2.0, so they can achieve higher resolution and refresh rates.

DP alt mode

The shape of the connector is not changed for the 2.0 port. Making it compatible with the older version of port protocols. The DisplayPort 2.0 can also support DP alt mode This specification makes it to be used as USB-C. The USB- C ports have a DP Alt Mode that helps them transfer audio, video, and data at high rates. Using the USB-C monitor, one can charge your laptop while using it. The latest laptop comes with a USB-C port with DP Alt Mode. If your USB C cables has a d-shaped logo, they support DP Alt Mode.

HDMI vs DisplayPort 2.0: A New Round of Confrontation

The new generation protocols can help us understand the strength and weaknesses of HDMI and Display ports. HDMI is better for the Tv screens and living room. DP ports are better for gaming and consoles. We can compare these two to know which is better for you. The DisplayPort cable can achieve higher resolution and bandwidth. As we know, today, HDMI 2.1 are available in PC and gaming consoles. The DP 2.0 monitors are not available till now. Getting one can be tricky for some customers. Even the latest graphic card, RTX 3090, does not have a DP 2.0 and still runs a DP 1.4 port. But we know that DP 2.0 will be used in most of the monitors in the future. Most companies, such as Nvidia, are working on graphic cards that will have a DP 2.0 so they can produce a high resolution. If you want a DP 2.0, you have to wait much longer for the hardware. The DisplayPort cables are single cables that can be used by PC gamers. They support backward-compatible features as well.

Do you need DisplayPort 2.0?

As we know, gamers need a high-resolution display screen. The gamers need a high refresh rate, and resolution is not that important. So we can say that DP 2.0 meet the requirement of most users. If your own a high-end monitor that can run high resolution and refresh rate, then you probably need a DP 2.0 port. The 8K TVs on the market are good enough to support a DP 2.0. they are expensive compared to normal TV. To make use of the full potential of such TV. we need a display port 2.0. You can also attach this TV to other monitors using this Port. If you don’t like to play high-end games or watch high-resolution videos. Most likely, Display port 2.0 is not made for you. The performance of the Port is strong and unimaginable. But you won't feel its significance if you are a normal user.  " Category_Technology Overview Technology Overview What Phone Charger Do I Need? "Mobile phones are the most important thing in society. We can't imagine a life without it. A cell phone charger is an electronic device that can be used to charge the phone. The phone comes with a basic charger when it is purchased. If you want additional fast charging for your phone, you need to purchase it separately. There are different types of chargers that you can choose from. Among all of these are the wall chargers, car chargers, and the instant fast charger. Many users own more than one charger as they have different devices. The phone chargers come in different shapes and sizes. The wall charger is the most used phone charger. It comes with a standard plug that can fit into most sockets. In some cases, these chargers come with a docking station. Using this feature makes your phone unseeable for users. The travel chargers are similar to a wall charger but smaller. This makes it easy to pack using traveling.

Picking cell phone chargers

Picking the best charger that best suits you can become an issue for most users. Once you have the right charge, you can plug it in with a charging cable and use it on your phone. In order to understand and make a decision, you first need to understand different chargers. There is a large variety of chargers available in the market. This will help you end the use of multiple chargers at home or office. Every month new models are coming we need to upgrade our current versions of chargers. Apart from thinking about and analyzing phones' specs, companies should focus on making computable chargers.

Cell phone charger types

We can look into different cell phones chargers that are available in the market. All these chargers have different designs and specifications. Choosing the right one that fits your needs is really important.

USB-Type A Charger

This type of USB-Type A comes with a male connector. This can connect to the female Type-A port on the host device. This type of charger comes with some computers and laptops. They have a rectangular shape and a bottom part that has a pin connector. They can only be inserted one way. If not connected properly, it can damage the device. On the receiving side, devices like a power bank, iPod, or mobile can be connected to get charged. USB-Type A is a rigid and old charger that only functions for less modern devices. This technology is getting old, and very few devices can be connected using this charger.

USB- Type B Charger

They can be used to connect external hard drives. The USB- Type B can easily fit into a female type B port. It is used for large peripheral devices such as scanners, external storage devices, and printers. They come in a square shape that has sloped corners. The other side of such connectors in the charger comes with Type A and C connectors. USB type b connectors can easily charge different electronic devices.  Type B was created to prevent the risk of connecting the two host computers. This type of charger port is becoming obsolete in the market. Different types of USB chargers are coming; type B is not used much.

USB- Type C Charger

The USB- Type C is becoming more used in the world. They are the best alternative to the older versions having type B and Type A chargers. The best benefit of such chargers is that they come with dual-side charging. You can plug your cable from any side into the charger. They are more powerful and connect easily. They can transfer faster data, and the speed of charging is also greater. Many companies such as Samsung, nexus, and one plus use type C chargers. These chargers have a higher speed of charging as well. The phone charging is faster if you use a USB C cable.

Mini-USB Chargers

The mini USB charger was one used for many mobile devices. But now they are becoming a thing of the past. They were a game-changer in many devices such as digital cameras. They are more thin and small compared to other phone chargers. They are on-to-go complaints, which means that they do not support switching.

Micro-USB Charger

Micro USB chargers are used a lot globally because of their wide functionality with different devices. Different companies, such as Samsung globally, use them. They have made it a standard for their devices. The Micro USB can power phones, power banks, and other devices. They are way better than mini USBs as they are smaller in size and support OTG. They also support high data transfer as it is new technology. It also supports much higher data transfer speeds like 480Mbps speed in many devices. They need to be plugged in correctly. If not, it can damage the charging port. As they are small, they can be used for different smartphones and gadgets.

USB 3.0 Charger

It is the latest innovation in the mobile industry. It is called a super speed USB charger. When we compare USB 2.0 to USB3.0, we see that they offer higher speeds, such as 625Mbs. The USB 3.0 gives higher charging speeds as well, such as 900mA in different phones. This port can be differentiated from others as it has a blue color. Today some chargers have USB 3.1 that has super speed data transfer. They can have a transfer speed of 2500mbs.

Lightning Charger

This is a type of phone charger that is owned by apple. These connectors have replaced the older versions with 30 pin dock. They used to come with iPhone 4 and iPhone 3. The lightning cord comes with eight pins that can be inserted into the female port. Apple is working on removing the lighting connecter from the charger and connecting to Type C. We see that Apple has added a 20W USB-C charger. The lightning connector has remained the same. At the other end, USB-C is present. It is computable with all versions that came after iPhone 8. They can charge your phone's battery faster.  Many chargers are available in the market, so check what charger type you have before buying a new phone. If not, you will end up with many chargers in the house.

Car charger

These kinds of chargers come in different shapes and sizes. They can be plugged into your car socket and are ready to charge your phone battery. Good quality car chargers have the ability to charge phones at a higher speed.

USB cable

To use a charger, one needs a USB cable that can connect your charger to the phone. Different chargers support different types of USB cables." Category_Technology Overview Technology Overview 8K Vertical Docking Station "The 8K Vertical Docking station is a new generation docking station for the 8K Ultra HD TV, and it's compatible with all models of LG UHDTVs, including the 8K OLED TVs. The 8K Vertical Docking stations are designed to be used in combination with the LG 8K UHDTVs as an alternative to the traditional HDMI 2.0 port on the back of the television.  It provides a full range of connectivity options such as USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C (5Gbps), DisplayPort 1.4, Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps, audio jack, power supply, and more. The 8K Vertical Dock also features a built-in IR blaster that allows you to control your connected devices using the remote control or voice assistant.

Why Vertical Docking Stations Sell Fast

One of the main reasons why these products will not become obsolete is the convenience they provide. You can do so many things with a vertical docking station, and the 8K version is even better.  The docking station comes with a card reader, which is still in use in many parts of the world, where people leverage external memory cards to store data. Also, the power delivery into and from these docking stations is consistent. This reduces the chances of experiencing a power surge that can ruin your electronic products. The docking units are well designed and portable, and the USB-C ports all work excellently, which is one of the reasons why users claim they continue using the docking device. Another addition that will make these products continue to sell fast is the addition of an ethernet port.  Many products out there feature this type of port, but they do not last. Over time, the port can become less effective, causing many problems. However, using the 8k vertical docking station guarantees that the ethernet port will last for a long time. The connectors in this docking unit have been made with the best materials, which are fortified against corrosion and other compromises, making them excellent for external monitors.

How to Use a Docking Station

The docking station essentially gives you more access to leverage your computer's power delivery and many other features. You can leverage the gigabit ethernet ports and other USB ports to connect multiple external display devices to your system. If you are interested in using network systems with dual displays, these docking units are a must-have to help you achieve those goals.  However, using a docking station from reputable brands is best to allow you to enjoy excellent transfer speeds to your external display units. Also, you can choose units with various ports like the USB-A port and USB-C ports. This allows you to connect different types of USB devices to the computing system, even if you plan to use a single display unit.  The first step to using the product is identifying all the gadgets and devices to be connected. When you have a complete list, you can decide which device cord goes into which port for a seamless operating experience. Once you have positioned the host devices, it is time to locate the connectors for the audio input and headphone jacks.  After connecting your devices to the ports on the docking unit, power your computer on. You should note that some of these models come with extra ports, providing more convenience. When the computer comes on, test the gadgets and external display units connected, as well as headphones and screens. You should set the maximum resolution according to your preference to have the best laptop screen viewing experience. 

Troubleshooting the Device

You may experience some issues when using the device for the first time if you do not have extensive knowledge about connecting it. Also, the gigabit ethernet connections may not be as expected. You can do several things to troubleshoot the device, so no worries.  You should check the port connections to ensure the adapters fit in tightly, as loose connectors can disrupt data transfer, causing problems. Also, it is best to ensure your dual displays are compatible with the signal source. You can find this information in the user manual for monitors.  If a port doesn't seem to be working, try another cord to ensure the one currently plugged is functioning. If the new cord works, then there is a problem with your previous cord, which you should replace. In situations when you hear static interruptions on your headphones, you should test another device to know if the problem is with the headphones or the audio system. You should also ensure your HD displays are correctly set and the card slot is not dirty. Dust in card slots can hinder effortless data transfer. We also advise you to keep all display monitors clean. Overall, this is an ultra station that allows you to operate different display monitors and get the best display output. You have a modern docking station that doubles as one of the best laptop docking stations and a transfer hub accommodating your USB-C docks, USB-C video adapter, and extra USB-C ports. 

Advantages of Using a Docking Station

Here are the top benefits of using this premium design docking unit for your computing needs:

Fast Data Transfer

The transfer rates with these devices are fantastic. You can witness a file transfer in milliseconds, and the host laptop will not be overworked. They are compatible with external monitors that have maximum screen sizes, offering more convenience, and the refresh rate is excellent.

Portable Unit

You have a portable solution with these units because they require minimal desk space. The compact dock accommodates all connected laptops, and you can connect peripheral devices to a single monitor or dual monitors.

Impressive Hub Review

Many users like this portable dock. They have an excellent USB-C hub and compatibility with different USB-C devices and a USB-C cable. The compact design is also impressive, and it boosts laptop charging and USB performance. The video and audio port connectors are fantastic, and the VGA port position is perfect.  Overall, it is the perfect dock with the pluggable thunderbolt and compatibility with USB-C laptops, wireless devices, and mobile devices. 

Order in Bulk

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Which is the Best Portable Car Vacuum?

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What Kind of Vacuum is Best for Car Detailing?

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How Do You Vacuum a Car Corner?

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Tips to Use a Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting is easy when using this device. You should check the power cord to ensure it is connected correctly. Also, the batteries should be in the correct position. These can help prevent abrupt shutdown while using the device. You should look for warnings on the led light panel if the device starts malfunctioning. Also, check the dust tray because the device may not work correctly if the tray is filled up.

Benefits Of Using a Car Vacuum Cleaner

These devices are affordable, and you can choose a different color, like white or black. The durable product has enough space in the tray to hold much dirt. It is portable and effective. You can get rid of dirt and dust in a few minutes.

Bulk Orders Available

How would you like to invest in these best-selling products? Visit our site to view the images, and you can add them to your cart to order in bulk. Send us a customer contact form to proceed with your order, and we will provide all the assistance you need.   " Category_Technology Overview Technology Overview Type C Docking Station "The type c docking station is a smart device that allows you to have access to many more ports than you get with a regular laptop. Having more ports to work with is essential and convenient, especially when you do elaborate computing processes with a USB C port, USB A ports, and the gigabit ethernet port. You can also use these docking stations to process data through HDMI ports and an extra SD card reader. The type c dock is portable and relatively easy to use. However, if you are unsure about its functions and features, please read the user manual. Overall, the docking station is the best device that you can use to work with many devices at the same time.

Where to Buy Type C Docking Stations

These devices are excellent and can help you do more with your laptops, and they come at a reasonable price when buying the dock stations in bulk. To enjoy the maximum benefits these devices provide, you should buy from trusted brands.  We have established our brand as reliable suppliers of type c dock stations in bulk. To buy from us, send a customer contact form, and take advantage of our seamless ordering process to deliver these bestselling gadgets to your location.

Are all USB-C Docking Stations Compatible?

You can find some docking stations that are compatible with your computer and Bluetooth systems. However, some newer models of these products may not connect appropriately with older USB-C docking stations.  The adapter and plugs may be the same, but the ports may be different, primarily as the newer models feature the x HDMI port, USB A ports, and USB C systems. Overall, it would help to read the product reviews before buying it. This will give you more insight into how the product works and whether it is best for the project you are about to start.

Are USB-C Docking Stations Good?

From all indications, the USB-C docking stations are high-performing devices that many users are happy with. The features such as x USB compatible with multiple devices and four USB ports, in addition to audio and VGA compatibility, are excellent.  Many customers use these features often, and the complaints are few. This means the USB-C docking stations are durable, giving you more value for your money. Also, some of these devices run automatically, so you don't have any issues with checking whether the driver is installed correctly. The output signals when using the USB-C docking station are excellent. You can use multiple screens with these products. The external display is excellent, whether you are using a windows laptop or external monitors. They provide a good option for people who try to avoid products with fewer ports and wired internet.  Moreso, the display connections are perfect, so long as you ensure the charging station and connection cables have an excellent power delivery. Many of these devices give a full HD output, which is excellent for viewing when handling projects on dual display monitors and other external displays. Overall, these devices are durable and work perfectly with many computing systems, which makes them a convenient option for many people who need to use a laptop and other devices.

Is a USB-C Hub the Same as a Docking Station?

There are a few similarities between the USB-C hub and the docking station. However, these two products are similar in many ways, so don't feel bad that you can't tell the difference. The similarities are often linked to the fact that both devices have similar functions, such as producing full HD displays, the three thunderbolt feature, having a card reader, and other essential features that aid seamless data transfer. The price is the main difference between the USB c docking stations and the USB-C hub. Since the docking stations have more features for USB C laptops and USB A laptops, they are usually more expensive than the USB hub. Also, you will observe that the docking stations for USB c connections are bulkier than the USB hub. The smaller and more portable USB hubs can easily fit into a backpack with a laptop. However, you should plan to set up a USB c dock in your workstation instead of carrying it everywhere you go. In addition to that, the docking stations have multiple features like extra USB ports and at least two HDMI ports. These features help boost the output from the device. They can deliver data to a laptop screen in 4K and 8K quality. Overall, the USB c dock is more expensive and can do more work, including processing gigabit ethernet and x USB connections.

How to Use a USB-C Docking Station

Using these devices is relatively easy. All you need to do is ensure you have purchased the best laptop and cable for the dock. Also, it would help if you had the correct plug to connect to power. It is essential to check your ports to ensure they are clean and dust free. You should be aware of the ports on your laptop before setting up the dock. Also ensure your mouse is powered up. It will help you check certain features ensuring the different gadgets you have connected are working perfectly. Next, choose a suitable cable and plug it into the port on the laptop.  You may need to do this for all the cables needed to connect several devices. After completing the connection to your laptop, check the data transfer to ensure you are getting a full HD data display or confirm that the card reader is working perfectly. If you use an external keyboard, tap it to check if the device is working. Some common issues you may experience include disconnection from the dock and failure in power delivery. If you observe changes in performance, you should check your power input and USB c docks to ensure they are connected and working. Also, if the micro sd card reader is not working, you should remove the card and reinsert it to reboot the system.


The USB C dock is a helpful device that can make your computing experience much better because you have more than one USB C port to work with. The extra USB ports provide more opportunities to connect additional devices and multiple display monitors. In addition to having an optional USB port, you can connect a VGA and x HDMI port for audio and video output. These products are bestsellers, and you can buy them in bulk as a significant investment. Please send us a customer contact form to get started. You should also join our online community by subscribing to our email list.  " Category_Technology Overview Technology Overview

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