What Phone Charger Do I Need?
Mobile phones are the most important thing in society. We can't imagine a life without it. A cell phone charger is an electronic device that can be used to charge the phone. The phone comes with a basic charger when it is purchased. If you want additional fast charging for your phone, you need to purchase it separately. There are different types of chargers that you can choose from. Among all of these are the wall chargers, car chargers, and the instant fast charger. Many users own more than one charger as they have different devices. The phone chargers come in different shapes and sizes. The wall charger is the most used phone charger. It comes with a standard plug that can fit into most sockets. In some cases, these chargers come with a docking station. Using this feature makes your phone unseeable for users. The travel chargers are similar to a wall charger but smaller. This makes it easy to pack using traveling.

Picking cell phone chargers

Picking the best charger that best suits you can become an issue for most users. Once you have the right charge, you can plug it in with a charging cable and use it on your phone. In order to understand and make a decision, you first need to understand different chargers. There is a large variety of chargers available in the market. This will help you end the use of multiple chargers at home or office. Every month new models are coming we need to upgrade our current versions of chargers. Apart from thinking about and analyzing phones' specs, companies should focus on making computable chargers.

Cell phone charger types

We can look into different cell phones chargers that are available in the market. All these chargers have different designs and specifications. Choosing the right one that fits your needs is really important.

USB-Type A Charger

This type of USB-Type A comes with a male connector. This can connect to the female Type-A port on the host device. This type of charger comes with some computers and laptops. They have a rectangular shape and a bottom part that has a pin connector. They can only be inserted one way. If not connected properly, it can damage the device. On the receiving side, devices like a power bank, iPod, or mobile can be connected to get charged. USB-Type A is a rigid and old charger that only functions for less modern devices. This technology is getting old, and very few devices can be connected using this charger.

USB- Type B Charger

They can be used to connect external hard drives. The USB- Type B can easily fit into a female type B port. It is used for large peripheral devices such as scanners, external storage devices, and printers. They come in a square shape that has sloped corners. The other side of such connectors in the charger comes with Type A and C connectors. USB type b connectors can easily charge different electronic devices.  Type B was created to prevent the risk of connecting the two host computers. This type of charger port is becoming obsolete in the market. Different types of USB chargers are coming; type B is not used much.

USB- Type C Charger

The USB- Type C is becoming more used in the world. They are the best alternative to the older versions having type B and Type A chargers. The best benefit of such chargers is that they come with dual-side charging. You can plug your cable from any side into the charger. They are more powerful and connect easily. They can transfer faster data, and the speed of charging is also greater. Many companies such as Samsung, nexus, and one plus use type C chargers. These chargers have a higher speed of charging as well. The phone charging is faster if you use a USB C cable.

Mini-USB Chargers

The mini USB charger was one used for many mobile devices. But now they are becoming a thing of the past. They were a game-changer in many devices such as digital cameras. They are more thin and small compared to other phone chargers. They are on-to-go complaints, which means that they do not support switching.

Micro-USB Charger

Micro USB chargers are used a lot globally because of their wide functionality with different devices. Different companies, such as Samsung globally, use them. They have made it a standard for their devices. The Micro USB can power phones, power banks, and other devices. They are way better than mini USBs as they are smaller in size and support OTG. They also support high data transfer as it is new technology. It also supports much higher data transfer speeds like 480Mbps speed in many devices. They need to be plugged in correctly. If not, it can damage the charging port. As they are small, they can be used for different smartphones and gadgets.

USB 3.0 Charger

It is the latest innovation in the mobile industry. It is called a super speed USB charger. When we compare USB 2.0 to USB3.0, we see that they offer higher speeds, such as 625Mbs. The USB 3.0 gives higher charging speeds as well, such as 900mA in different phones. This port can be differentiated from others as it has a blue color. Today some chargers have USB 3.1 that has super speed data transfer. They can have a transfer speed of 2500mbs.

Lightning Charger

This is a type of phone charger that is owned by apple. These connectors have replaced the older versions with 30 pin dock. They used to come with iPhone 4 and iPhone 3. The lightning cord comes with eight pins that can be inserted into the female port. Apple is working on removing the lighting connecter from the charger and connecting to Type C. We see that Apple has added a 20W USB-C charger. The lightning connector has remained the same. At the other end, USB-C is present. It is computable with all versions that came after iPhone 8. They can charge your phone's battery faster.  Many chargers are available in the market, so check what charger type you have before buying a new phone. If not, you will end up with many chargers in the house.

Car charger

These kinds of chargers come in different shapes and sizes. They can be plugged into your car socket and are ready to charge your phone battery. Good quality car chargers have the ability to charge phones at a higher speed.

USB cable

To use a charger, one needs a USB cable that can connect your charger to the phone. Different chargers support different types of USB cables.

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