What’s the Cat5e / Cat6 Patch Cable Length?
Outdoor cat5e or cat6 patch cable is suitable for outdoor wiring of engineering and home installation network systems. The cable has two layers of wrapping, the outer layer is thick PVC protective layer, the inner layer is a layer of tough PE sheath. The outdoor network cable has to be waterproof and resistant to the sun, because it will damage network cable conductor to fail to work if the outer layer was easy to wear. cat5e patch cable In the process of wiring, the outer water-resistant layer has good performances in skin toughness, hardness and wear resistance, so it is not easily damaged in the wiring, thus protecting the wire core and will reduce problems that occur when wiring. The transmission of outdoor network cable in theory is 100 meters. It is best to maintain the transmission length of about 95 meters, but if it is national standard outdoor network cable, that can transmit about 100 -120 meters. While, how can the outdoor network cable transmit 300 meters? Outdoor network cable is impossible to reach 300 meters as a signal network cable, but if the network cable is used as a monitoring line, it may also be able to transmit to about 300 meters. Cat5e/Cat6 patch cable transmits stable in strong interference environment, several pairs of cable can transmit different signals, moreover mutual interference will not happen! The general good quality network cable has the longer transmittion than the monitoring line, such as the image transmission.