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Where Can I Buy Ethernet Cables?
Where can i buy an ethernet cable? Before buying a ethernet cable, we must first know what kind of ethernet cable is suitable for us. In the last article, we wrote a part of the method. In this article, we will list the remaining methods. 2, see the mark of the network cable Category 3 cable logo is "CAT3". Bandwidth 10M, for ten trillion network, almost eliminated. Category 5 cable logo is "CAT5". Bandwidth 100M, for the following hundred million network. Category 5e cable logo is "CAT5E". Bandwidth 155M, is the mainstream product. Category 5 cable logo is "CAT6", bandwidth 250M, used to set up Gigabit Ethernet is the future trend of development. 3, cut with scissors Use scissors to remove the plastic wrap wrapped around the wire and expose it to four pairs of wires to see the wires. 4 pairs of wires inside the wire. Another point is to observe the 4 pairs of wire winding density. True Category 5 / Ultra Category 5 Winder moderate density, direction is counterclockwise. Fake lines are usually small in density and may be clockwise (less likely), mainly because of the ease of production, which reduces the production costs. Where can i buy an ethernet cable? You just need to contact us or go to our aliexpress online store to buy it.