Why Is the USB C to HDMI and USB Adapter High Rated?
For users who want to use traditional USB devices on Type-C notebooks, various accessory manufacturers in the market have introduced USB C to HDMI and USB adapter, so that users can use any Type -A standard USB devices, including USB2.0 and USB3.0 storage devices, mouse, keyboard and so on. Basically buy a such adapter, users do not have to worry about their own USB devices have no useless in a new laptop. usb c to hdmi and usb adapter This USB Type C converter, also called Type C converter. Because only for USB devices, so it can be connected to Type-C USB interface can also be connected to the thunder and lightning 3 interface; if connected with a Type-C interface phone, it also supports OTG function, so buy one at home or very necessary. USB Type C converter has a more efficient power supply capability. Type-C interface in the USB 3.1 standard power supply capacity of up to 20V / 5A level. Not only can you charge your phone, even pads and laptops can be recharged through that connector. And certainly in the charging time is much faster than before. USB C to HDMI and USB adapter is non-directional: USB Type C converter interface is not directional, that is, both positive and negative insert can be completed pairing, which greatly improves the usability of the USB interface. Power supply capability: through the Usb type c converter interface to external devices.