Type-C to 3.5mm Male Spring Audio Cable phone


Size: 1m
Sale price$9.99


Type-C Audio Cable

Flexible spring cable

Compatible with Type-C Phone/Tablet

Type-C to 3.5mm audio output

Phone Connect to the Car Stereo

Enjoy wonderful music on the way

Phone/Tablet Connect to Speaker

lmprove the sound quality

Connect With Headset

High fdelity audio output & enjoy HIFl

Spring Cable Design

Easy to use for flexible feature

Gold Plated Process

More Sensitive and more steady connection

Aluminium Alloy Shell

High-strength metal material & highly durable

Corrosion resistance, Firmer

Enamelled Copper Conductor

Ensure steady signal transmission

PU Spring Jacket

Use high recovery materia

Applicable Devices

Product Parameters

Brand: Vention
Name: Type-C to 3.5mm Audio Cable
Model: BGA
Appearance Color: Black
Interface Type: Type-C male, 3.5mm male
Interface Process: Gold plated
Conductor Material: Enamelled copper
Shell Material: Aluminum alloy
Jacket Material: PU
Cable Length: 1m/1.5m
Cable OD: 3.0mm
Warranty Period: One year
Product Package: PE bag

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