5 In 1 Out HDMI Switcher Blue Aluminum Alloy Type




Key Features

  • 4K@60Hz High Definition: Enjoy crystal-clear visuals with support for 4K@60Hz resolution, bringing your favorite movies, games, and shows to life in stunning detail.
  • IR Remote/Button Switch: Easily switch between your connected devices using the included IR remote control or the convenient buttons on the switcher itself.
  • Stable Transmission: Experience flawless signal transmission with a stable 30-meter range, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment.
  • Brushed Aluminum Alloy Design: This durable and stylish switcher boasts a sleek, brushed aluminum alloy shell, combining functionality with high-tech aesthetics. The design also offers wear-resistance, anti-scratch protection, and a fingerprint-resistant finish.
  • Perfect AV Sync with Dolby Atmos: Immerse yourself in cinematic audio with perfect audio-visual synchronization and support for Dolby Atmos, bringing the magic of the cinema right to your living room.
  • Smart EDID Technology: Automatically adapts to various display devices by seamlessly matching resolution, ensuring optimal picture quality on every screen.
  • Steady Power for Multi-Device Connectivity: Equipped with a dedicated DC 5V power port and a 0.8-meter DC power cable, the switcher ensures consistent power supply for reliable performance.
  • LED Indicator Light: A built-in memory function allows the switcher to resume playback progress or status after a restart, and the LED indicator light provides visual feedback for easy device selection.
  • Wide Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of input devices, including desktops, laptops, PS5/4/3, Nintendo Switch, smart TV boxes, and HD players, as well as output devices such as TVs, monitors, and projectors.

Beyond the Features

The Vention 5 in 1 Out HDMI Switcher goes beyond basic functionality, offering a user-friendly experience and a number of thoughtful design elements. These include:

  • Crafted to Perfection: The switcher is constructed with a durable aluminum alloy shell, anti-fingerprint and wear-resistant, featuring a nickel-plated interface for enhanced durability and rust resistance.
  • Silicon Pad for Stability: The bottom of the switcher includes a silicon pad for added stability and to prevent slipping.
  • Plug and Play Functionality: Simply connect your devices and enjoy instant switching without any complicated setup.

Unlock a World of Seamless Entertainment

With its exceptional features and versatile capabilities, the Vention 5 in 1 Out HDMI Switcher offers a streamlined solution for multi-device entertainment setups. Experience the convenience of effortlessly switching between your favorite devices, enjoying stunning 4K@60Hz visuals, and immersing yourself in the world of entertainment with perfect AV sync.

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