2*100 Core Engineering Speaker Cable 100M Transparent


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Elevate your audio experience with the Vention Engineering Speaker Cable, designed for Hi-Fi audio performance. This premium speaker cable ensures an original music feast with its superior construction and high compatibility with multiple devices.

Key Features

  • Hi-Fi Audio Quality: Engineered for superior sound performance with a large bandwidth range, this cable ensures transparent and pure audio, providing an original music experience.
  • Oxygen-Free Copper Conductor: Made with high-purity, oxygen-free, and tinned copper conductors, this cable offers lower resistance and high sensitivity for optimal signal transmission.
  • Noise Cancelling Design: Integrated with noise-cancelling technology to reduce interference, ensuring clear and crisp audio output.
  • Double Shielding Protection: Features both PE inner insulation and a PVC jacket that safeguard the conductor from external electromagnetic interference.
  • Durable Construction: The robust PVC jacket is wear-resistant and provides strong resilience, high elasticity, and a longer service life.
  • No Polarity Differentiation: The cable's design allows both conductors to be used interchangeably as positive or negative poles, increasing flexibility during installation.
  • Clear Meter Demonstration: Markings on the cable jacket indicate distance, facilitating convenient tailoring and installation.


  • Brand: Vention
  • Name: Engineering Speaker Cable
  • Model: BJA/BJB/BJC
  • Color: Transparent
  • Transmission Distance: ≤400m
  • Conductor: Oxygen-free Copper/Tinned-Copper
  • Core Standards:
    • 100 core*2 = 200 total cores (Sectional area: 0.79mm²)
    • 200 core*2 = 400 total cores (Sectional area: 1.57mm²)
    • 400 core*2 = 800 total cores (Sectional area: 3.14mm²)
  • Wiring Process: 7 Core Twisted
  • Jacket: Double Insulation Layers (External PVC + Inner PE)
  • Length: 100 meters
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Packing: Plastic Sealed Rolls

Cable Parameters

  • 100 Core: For small and medium-sized multimedia speakers (Recommended power: 50W-250W)
  • 200 Core: For home theater and combination speakers (Recommended power: 500W-900W)
  • 400 Core: For small and medium-sized theater and karaoke systems (Recommended power: 1200W-1800W)

Applicable Devices

  • Speaker
  • Power Amplifier
  • Home Theater
  • Karaoke Setups
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Bars
  • Live Concerts
  • Cinemas

Various Application Scenarios

  • Home Theater
  • Karaoke
  • Meeting Room
  • Bar
  • Live Concert
  • Cinema

Enhance your audio setup with the Vention Engineering Speaker Cable, offering unmatched performance and durability for all your audio needs. Purchase now for an unparalleled audio experience!







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