2 in 1 3.5mm Audio Cable


Size: 0.3m
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Product Description

Please note:
Apple earphone, CTIA earphone and Beats earphone users should purchase with caution
Considering their Pin definition is different from Android earphone which may cause microphone incompatible problem

2 in 1 3.5mm Audio Cable

Earphone along with microphone

Headset connect to earphone and microphone

3.5 TRRS 4-pole interface to earphone+microphone dual interface

The Voice Function Is On

More convenient in gaming, meeting, internet phone call

Q:Why my voice function is not availabe after the conversion?
A:Only earphone with voice function supported microphone signal transmission

Improve Laptop's Sound Performance

Replace laptop's original speaker with Hi-Fi earphone

Better Game Experience

More private gaming

Cotton Braided Cable

More comfortable handfeel and stretch ability

Enameled Copper Conductor

High-efficiency in signal transmission,
reduce internal space as well as keep a elastic shape

Gold-plated Connector

Anti-oxidant, durable in swapping, stable connection

Aluminum Alloy Frosted Shell

Anti-interference, anti-oxidant with texture

Movable Ring

lntegrated design with an adjustable ring for optimal length

Product Parameters

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