3-Port USB (C + C + A) GaN Universal Travel Adapter (65W/65W/30W) Black


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Universal Travel Adapter

Experience the ultimate convenience with just one charger.

Fast Charge Laptops

USB-C1/C2 single-port outputs reach 65W and support fast charging for high-power devices like laptops, enhancing work eficiency.

Charge 4 Devices simultaneously

Combining socket and fast charger in a 2-in-1 design for convenient simultaneous charging of multiple devices.

All-new Charging Safe Solution

Powered by GaN technology, adjusting the output power according to different devices.

Work in 200+ Countries and Regions

Experience seamless charging worldwide with our versatile solutions.

Addressing all Your Charging Requirements

The adapter is compatible with most countries worldwide.

Easy Conversion with One Click

Press first and push after, effortlessly adjusting the plug type.

Empower Your Journey with Safety

Guarding the safety of your journey it features automatic power-off in case of overload.

All in One Travel Adapter

Embark on your journey with ease and worry-free charging.

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