4-Port USB 2.0 Hub With Power Supply Black


Size: 0.15m
Sale price$13.15


High Speed USB 2.0 Hub

Expand 4 USB ports for your computer

8TB Hard Drive for Easy Reading

With power supply port, external Android cable power supply, easy to drive large- capacity hard disk

Without Power Supply Drive Two Hard Drives

Supports two 2.5-inch capacity 1TB solid state drives

4 ports Full Load

Can be used with USB devices such as keyboard, mouse and U disk

Keyboard and Mouse Connection

More entertained and flexible when playing games

Support Charging Smart Phone

Connect to charger to charge 2 smart phones

Application OTG Extension

Expand your phone/tablet for more potential

Wide Range of Applications

High Performance

Indicator Light Design

Device operation at a glance

Available in Multiple Lengths

Meet different needs

Product Parameters

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