4-Port USB (C + C + C + A) GaN Charging Kit (140W/140W/30W/30W) EU/US/UK-Plug White/Black


Standard: EU-Plug
颜色: Black
Sale price$207.20


140W GaN Charging Kit

Embrace the unparalleled ease of fast charging on four ports simultaneously.

140W High-Speed Charging

Single USB C1 or USB C2 can reach up to 140W Max for fast charging Apple's new 16-inch laptop.

Powerful Laptop Charger

Charge 2 laptops at high speed. Make it a perfect kit to maximize work efficiency.

All-in-One Charging

Intelligently distributes optimal power to each device.

22.4% Smaller than Your Original One

The compact GaN charging kit is convenient to store, portable to carry, and lightweight for traveling.

All-new Charging Safe Solution

Powered by GaN technology, adjusting the output power according to different devices.

Worry-Free Smart Charging

Trickle mode is engaged to prevent overcharging as power reaches maximum.

All the Power You Need

Charge laptops, tablets, phones, game consoles, and other compatible devices.

240W Fast Charging Cable

Powered by PD3.1 chip, providing better charging performance.


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