Auto-Clamping Car Phone Mount With Spring Clip Gray Disc Type


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Enhance your driving experience with the Vention Auto-Clamping Car Phone Mount, designed meticulously to provide stable and silent holding for your smartphone. This advanced mount incorporates four key design upgrades to deliver a seamless and secure phone mounting solution, ensuring your device stays in place through various driving conditions.

Key Features

  1. Triangle Design Stability: Stability is a crucial feature in any car mount, and the triangle design of the Vention Auto-Clamping Car Phone Mount ensures your phone remains securely held. Whether you're driving over speed bumps, navigating mountain roads, or making sudden emergency brakes, the auto-clamping mechanism provides unwavering stability, preventing your phone from falling.

  2. Compact and Unobtrusive: Designed to be discreet, this phone mount features a tiny size that ensures it doesn’t block your view, contributing to safer driving conditions. The air vent installation means it stays out of your direct line of sight, making sure you can navigate without any visual obstructions. Its small footprint belies its robust functionality, providing a clutter-free dashboard experience.

  3. Premium Aluminum Alloy Body: Durability meets elegance with the Vention mount’s aluminum alloy body combined with an ABS mirrored design. This blend of materials confers both strength and aesthetics, elevating your car’s interior look while ensuring the mount can withstand daily use. The premium construction indicates your unique taste and aligns with contemporary car interior designs.

  4. Press-Down Spring Clip: The press-down spring clip is engineered for effortless insertion and connection, offering a tight and secure fit on various types of air vent blades. The silicon pad design additionally ensures that the air vent blades are protected, preventing any damage during installation or removal.

  5. Anti-Slip Silicone Arms: Featuring a three-stage anti-shake notch design, the silicone arms of this mount are designed to hold your phone firmly in place. These arms provide anti-shake and anti-slip functionality, ensuring your phone remains stable, even on bumpy roads. The thickened silicone pads also add an extra layer of protection, preventing any scratches on your device.

  6. Noise-Cancelling System: With an integrated noise-cancelling spring and ABS panel, this mount ensures a quiet ride by eliminating any potential driving noise. The tight connection mechanism ensures that the mount stays securely in place, without any shaking or rattling.

  7. 360-Degree Free Rotation Panel: Adjust your viewing angle effortlessly with the free rotation panel. The pivoting ball joint allows a full 360-degree rotation, letting you position your phone in any direction that suits your needs, whether you prefer landscape or portrait mode.

  8. One-Hand Operation: Convenience is key with the one-hand operation feature. By leveraging the gravity of your phone, the mount automatically clamps and releases your device, allowing you to effortlessly place or remove your phone using just one hand. This feature is particularly useful for ensuring that you can keep your focus on the road.

  9. Wide Device Compatibility: This phone mount is designed to accommodate a wide range of devices, fitting phones sized from 4.7 inches to 7.2 inches. It supports popular models such as the iPhone SE, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro Max, Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, and Xiaomi 11. The 12mm arm width ensures it can hold devices even with their cases on.

  10. Charging Convenience: Another thoughtful design element is the empty hole for charging purposes. This feature allows you to charge your phone while using navigation without obstructing the charging port. The 13mm space at the bottom ensures that you can easily plug in your charger, maintaining the usability of your phone at all times.


  • Brand: Vention
  • Product Name: Auto-Clamping Car Phone Mount
  • Model: KCMH0
  • Color: Gray
  • Applicable Phone Size: 4.7" - 7.2"
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy + ABS + Silicone
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Packaging: Color Box
  • Dimensions: 97.9mm by 93.5mm by 103.8mm

The Vention Auto-Clamping Car Phone Mount is the ideal blend of functionality and style, providing a secure, stable, and convenient solution for mounting your smartphone. With its premium build and thoughtful design features, it ensures an unparalleled driving experience. Elevate your on-the-go convenience with this must-have car accessory.

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