Auto-Clamping Car Phone Mount With Suction Cup Black Square Type


Sale price$15.40


Product Description

Auto-Clamping Car Phone Mount

Suction cup provides ultra steady holding

Broad Driving View

Adjust the angle according to different position use the navigation without lower your head down and won't block your sight

Wide Angle Coverage

161.9mmstretchable arm

Adjust viewing height

Upgrade 270° foldable body

Adjust viewing angle

Omni-direction rotating ball

Double Reinforcement

68mm suction cup+vacuum design support recycling use and stronger force

Triangle Stability

Triangle design with auto-clamping mechanism multiple road condition without falling

Anti-slip Silicone Arms

High Temperature Resistant Material

Kepp noraml working status from -20°C to+80°C without deformation

Empty Hole for Charging Purpose

Using navigation and charging at the same time without covering physical port

For Various Situations

Applicable to 4.7"-7.2" Phone

12mm width arm for phone with case

Fast Installation

Product Parameters

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