Cat.5E FTP RJ45 Modular Plug Transparent


Style: IDAR0-10
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Cat.5E FTP RJ45 Modular Plug

Passed FLUKE test

Full Contact Transmission Fast

Three-pronged chip, the contacts are tightly combined with the core

Gold-plated Contacts Do Not Rust

Thick gold-plated terminals, the network speed is still stable for a long time

Metal Shielding Anti-interference

Metal shielded shell for more stable transmission

Farewell To Delay / Stuck / Drop

High-quality PC Material

Corrosion resistant and tough

Applicable Equipments

Widely compatible with RJ45 network cable interface equipments


Connection standard
Use a network cable plier to peel off the sheath of the network cable, and you will see the following eight colored metal cables

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